May Days


The sun’s powerful rays

warm and heal

our corner of the world!

Returned birds soar

amid clear blue skies.




A gaggle of geese gingerly trek

across a nearby clearing.

Dancing deer cross roads and flick

their whitetails for all to see.



A flock of eager turkeys

squawk and invade the yard

as the Tom struts with confidence


showing off for

gathering hens.




Our pond beautifully springs to

life once again, sprouting

tranquil yellow


The pond plunges into the brook,

swirling and bubbling,

emitting sounds of peace.




mud caked driveways

and open windows

with an

an inhale of  fresh air!


It’s finally spring in

this neck of woods!

I’m happy that I can start walking again and being outside more

that spring is here.

I feel like I’ve been cooped up for too long

and it’s time for a release in nature and a dose of the earth.

I hope this post finds you all thriving and loving every moment of May! 

All my Best,

Heart and Soul


13 thoughts on “May Days

      1. We’re in the middle of beautiful days here– I open the back door every afternoon for the sunshine and breeze to come in. it will get hot in July and August– but since we’re close to the ocean, it usually cools off at night. Are you putting in our garden yet?? Happy spring! xox

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      2. Happy Spring to you! The back door open to the breeze and sun sounds wonderful! that must be magical living by the ocean! We have sunshine and nice temperatures and many mountains, not as big as the Rockies but big enough. I”m thinking of testing my garden soil soon and tilling it. I”ll probably plant seeds by late May and the plants the first of June. xoxo


      3. Hi Rhonda, I will post the planting, growth and everything! Right now the plot must be tilled and tested and in a couple of weeks we plant. How are your plants? Do you have potted or planted veggies?


      4. Don’t you just adore garden veggies? I do…I can’t wait until July and August when I can start picking. Right now we are testing our soil and tilling. We will plant in a few weeks.


      5. Yes yes! We are picking Swiss chard now– and watching our neighbor, Mr. Wick’s amazing garden through the fence. His tomato plants must be 6 feet tall! He’s our garden hero!! Happy planting Mary!1

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      6. Thank you Rhonda. I love Swiss Chard and I’m growing it this year as well as Beets( I love the greens too!) Wow, those are tall tomato plants! I think one year mine were close to 6 feet, little trees! Happy days, Rhonda.

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