Lilac Perfume

One common theme of our little yard is the lilac bushes. They reside in all four corners of the property, spewing a heavenly perfume that delights every nature enthusiast. Their magic is short-lived, just a few weeks in May to enjoy and capture with the camera. This is why I cherish them even more.

Here we are at the far end of May, Memorial Day weekend and they are blossoming to greet us. Our local town Lisbon hosts an annual Lilac Festival as all purple and pink lilac bushes in town bloom to beautify every street and lane.


This lilac bush is a miracle! A few years ago the snowplow brutally clipped the original big bush and just a sprig remained. My husband Tom nursed it back to life and here it thrives to remind us that once in awhile tragedy can eventually lead to rebirth and growth.

As lilac perfume wafts through the air and grown grass encompasses it in a rich green, I thank God for all the vibrant color in my world. The red geraniums hang out in my window boxes as well as the white draping bicopa. Deep purple petunias add a pop of color. Glancing around my yard various shades of the rainbow calm me. Their beauty amazes me and draws me back to nature when I really need it!


Lilac perfume continues to permeate our air and thrills the bees and insects. As the weather warms up and all the creatures and insects live happily around us, I thank God for this life here. I can’t imagine not having all this beauty to enjoy! Remaining grateful for the season, I pray for all the plants, flowers and creatures to thrive and for me to follow suit.

Happy days to you all, in whatever season you are in. Embrace the beauty all around you, for acknowledging it can make life so much sweeter!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul


11 thoughts on “Lilac Perfume

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you for that! I do love it here but the weather doesn’t always cooperate! How is the weather your way? Is it hot yet? Do you have a dry spell or frequent rain? Hugs friend xoxo


      1. Hey Mary– It’s warmer here. We’re starting to sleep with windows open and this afternoon I have the back door open wide to let a cool breeze in. Usually we don’t have really hot days til August. And NO rain. We’ve had several years of drought with less rain than normal which is usually November til March. Loved seeing your pics Mary! xox

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      2. Hi Rhonda, the cool breeze sounds amazing! We have that too and cool nights. So cool at night that sometimes we make a small fire. It’s been 60’s and 70’s during the days and 40’s at night. I hope you are having a wonderful week! So happy you are here! HUgs


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