The First Step of a Garden


The first step of the 2018 garden

It’s Memorial Day weekend, in other words crunch time for gardeners in the north. For weeks we’ve looked at seeds, planned the annual map of where everything will be planted and waited for warmer weather and promising temperatures. Yesterday Tom tilled our lot, just the beginning of another gardening year.


Unfortunately swarms of pesky black flies hovered in our faces and bit our necks. The damp air signaled rain and the stirred up  soil thrust them into overdrive and there was no way to get away from them! Thankfully they are out just a few weeks and then mosquitoes will replace them.


I’m grateful that Tom tills our lot every year. He methodically walked up and down the space over and over to rid it of grass and already shot up weeds. The loud machine hummed and whirred as nature’s bird calls and creatures played in the background.



It’s satisfying for Tom and I to see the results of his work in a few minutes. Fresh soil awaits the seeds and plants and then the gardening season will commence for us! We both decided we would hold off on planting until next weekend, being early June. We’ve always planted then to avoid May frosts and give it a warm boost.

My future daughter-in-law Lexy asked me to plant sunflowers for her and my son’s wedding in August. Tom tilled the small bed yesterday and I planted seeds in three rows. We hope we won’t have to fence it away from the woodchucks but time will certainly tell.



I’m keeping my fingers crossed for luck to grow her beautiful sunflowers for the wedding and that they will be ready to pick in mid-August. It means very much to me, to be able to help Lexy and Dylan for their wedding day. I pray that they will grow strong and beautiful, like my daughter-in-law.




Here is a shot of Lexy from our little beach get away in April. She and I went to Ogunquit Maine overnight for a little adventure. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to go with me. Although the beach was freezing and we only stayed minutes, we had a fabulous time at the resort hotel in the hot tub. After we  bought a bottle of wine and sat on our deck talking and then went to a fine dinner in an Italian restaurant. I’m thankful Dylan has chosen this special young woman and our family has accepted her with open arms. We all love her and are thrilled that she will be a part of our family!



To conclude this post, I ask you what are you growing this year? Are you gardening vegetables or flowers or both?What is your favorite? Mine is growing veggies, as they feed my family and that gives me satisfaction that I”m helping Tom feed our family.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul



13 thoughts on “The First Step of a Garden

  1. Lots of hanging baskets of flowers so far. Planted some herbs today. Hubby prepping our small vegetable garden for tomatoes peppers cucumbers. Good luck with those wedding sunflowers🌻🌻🌻

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  2. You should be pleased with yourselves for all this hard work and what it will yield. My back hurts just seeing the photos. I do hope those sunflowers bloom in earnest just in time for the wedding!

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    1. Hi Ellen, thank you for your support and friendship. Yes, it’s back breaking work at times but we love it and the food it yields. We hope the sunflowers will be ready….God willing.xoxo


  3. HI Mary– so wonderful that you and Lexy are so close. She sounds like an amazing young woman. My grandmother planted Shasta Daisies and had all her neighbors plant them as well for my Mom and Dad’s wedding in 1949. I’ve seen them in the photos! Hope everything comes up beautifully!! hugs!

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    1. Rhonda, she is a special young woman and I’m thankful Dylan chose her. She is so kind and giving and we can freely talk about anything. Awe, what a great memory of Shasta Daisies planted for your mom and dad’s wedding! that’s beautiful! I already have three rows of sunflowers up…now to fence it so the critters won’t help themselves. How are things going there?


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