First Day of Summer Vacation

Hello All,

This was my first day of summer vacation and my 49th birthday! I woke to no alarm…just sun glinting in my windows and my sleeping cat Smokey at my feet. I think he thought something was wrong as it was a little later than usual. It was grand taking my time as I sipped my cup of coffee and had toast with honey and butter.


I spent the morning walking around our yard and weeding and working with my flowers. It took a little time clipping off gone by lilac flowers but it was great satisfaction to take care of it. My dad told me you should clip them off every year.


Here is my favorite bird bath my niece Michele made from re-purposed dishes and cups. The bottom piece fell and broke but we managed to re-glue it so hopefully it will be strong in the summer winds. I have yet to spy a bird land in its beautiful bath dish but look forward to that!


June is amazing here! Flowers have emerged everywhere, with bursting colors to brighten yards and decks. Out back we have pink and white wildflowers growing in patches here and there. Tom said that the state plants them on roadsides and so on our little country drives we get to see them.

A stand of maples shade our back yard, where soon our deck will be. Wind chimes flutter in the breeze and I hear the tinkling little music that blends in with chirping robins.

Tom and his friend Mike worked with Mike’s tractor to smooth our back yard and get rid of a huge clump of dirt. Soon we will plant grass and put up a little fence bordering the dirt road. That way we will have a little needed privacy on our deck.

That’s all for now! Summer officially begins! I look forward to waking without an alarm and to my own rhythm. My time will be spent catching up with a few household chores, working in my veggie garden and outside flower beds. I truly hope to read all of your posts and catch up as much as I can. Thanks for stopping by and check in now and then for summer posts!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

17 thoughts on “First Day of Summer Vacation

  1. Happy Summer!! Hope you have so many relaxing restorative days– and some fun adventures too!! And of course, getting ready for the wedding!! Everything looks so green and healthy in your yard. Love this time of year! xox Mary!

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    1. Good Morning, Rhonda. I am enjoying the early summer days, lots of outside time and gardening to fill my cup up. I do hope you are enjoying every moment and your yard too! Hugs!xoxo


      1. Rhonda, that doesn’t matter at all. I love the thought of puttering, how sweet is that. I don’t grow sweet peas but I know they are beautiful! Hydrangeas too! Nice to catch up with you, friend. Wishing many blessings for you and your family.xoxo


      2. Hi Mary– I am at the end of the sweet peas– picked a pitiful little bunch today. I’ll have to tear them down in the next week or so. Anything ready to pick in your garden yet?? Happy summer! xo


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