One Small Sticker, One Huge Heart

I am always looking for special moments throughout the day, occurrences that restore my faith in humanity. Sometimes it’s a wide smile and a pat on the back…others times, it’s witnessing adults and students helping each other with a kindness that will surely change our world.



About six weeks ago at 7:20 with a steamy mug of tea in hand and my school bag slung over my shoulder, I walked the path to the school building. It seemed like any other work day. But little did I know I would receive a surprise at the door. A smiling eighth grader sat on the pavement with a book of bright glittery stickers. “Do you want a sticker?” Brendan Wall asked me. This was strange to me, for I am always  giving out stickers to my students, but no one has ever asked me!


I immediately thought that it was a special gesture, especially early in the morning. This was a sure sign that this kids heart was in the right place! From that day on, the sticker collection grew. Brendan would have sheets fanned out on the walk with surrounding kids waiting for a sticker to start the day. He would generously hand them out to students and teachers. Smiling and laughing kids and a genuine happiness hung in the air…simply from a sticker.


Brendan told me that he hands out the little stickers “because it makes people happy and that makes me happy.” He said some people ask if he wants money and the answer is always no, “because people don’t need to pay for their happiness!” he stated proudly.


I remember having this young man in reading a few years ago. What an inspiring gift it is, to see what good he is doing for the school community now! I’m not sure how Brendan got this fantastic inspiration ( I should have asked him) but I do know that with this simple sticker and kind smile, he’s contributing to a healthy and positive school climate. It sends a simple message that you can spread goodness and kindness with a small token but affect others in a huge way!

Upon taking these photos on the last day, Brendan gave out his sticker sheets for the summer. I didn’t ask him if this project would be ongoing and since he’ll be in high school, I expect it may change. One thing that won’t change is Brendan’s huge heart and his gifts of kindness to others. Maybe someday this young man will have a promising career serving others.

Thank you to Brendan for letting me share his story. Also a huge thanks to his mom for her permission to take photos and write about him. She must be a proud mama to have such a giving son and I’m sure her love and kindness has positively influenced him.

As you go about your day, how can you spread kindness and generosity in small ways? If we all do this, in these special and small moments, our world will definitely be a better place! I hope you will feel inspired from this young man and do your part to spread love and kindness to others!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

aka “Mrs. Blowey” as Brendan knows me

21 thoughts on “One Small Sticker, One Huge Heart

  1. I am so proud ofmy grandson he does have a huge heart and he is always checking on me to see if I need anything or am ok. He is a grandson any Grammie would be proud of. Thank you for such great comments about him.

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  2. Hi Mary– Don’t you love to see students blossom like this?? It’s the small kindnesses that make life sweet. Thanks for taking the time to share the story… And– happy weekend! are you out there gardening today?? Or doing something with the family?? xoxox

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    1. It really is amazing…seeing his transformation and kindness that Brendan has. Yes, I”m gardening and helping Tom shingle our home with cedar. I’ll share when it’s done. Happy weekend, friend.


      1. Whoa! That sounds like a a big project!! How do you know how to “shingle a home”?? And I guess Larry is off on a similar job this morning. He’s been going over to the church and helping some construction guys redo the worn exterior woodwork– lots of sawing and repurposing wood. Hope it all goes well Mary! xoxo

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      2. Tom has learned many skills over the years due to attending vocational college as well as the college of life, learning from his dad when he was alive. Tom and his dad did the bulk of the work shingling and now we are doing the side of the house where we tore down an attached shed. Once it’s done we will board up gaps in the back of the house and start in on our new back deck. Sounds like Larry does similar work to Tom, perhaps they would be good friends too! Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week has been wonderful! Hugs


      3. Hey Mary– sounds like Tom & Larry could wok together! Larry worked at a lumber yard through college and has done some building projects around here. The last couple weeks he and a bunch of other retired friends are helping out at replacing siding at the church. Hope you had a happy weekend! but I guess it’s summer now– constant weekend for teachers!! Enjoy! hugs hugs.


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