A Garden Update

It has been very hot and dry here in New Hampshire. With just a one day of rainfall until yesterday, I was becoming good friends with our new garden hose (Thanks so much to Tom and Dylan for setting up the outside faucet and hose for me). I’ve been trying to save my frail cucumber plants. Have you ever had trouble getting yours growing? I have…even with a daily watering habit the cucumbers are floppy and the stems are white. This happens to my tender plants early in the season if the weather is hot.


Thankfully the day before yesterday we had a deluge of rain, perking up my green plants and moistening the garden soil. It’s amazing how a significant rainfall can make a difference with their well-being. With a blink of the eye, the growth is unbelievable!

Here is our little corn patch, four meager rows. Tom and Branden love corn and I enjoy it too. I made the decision to rotate its placement.  Last year the corn rested on the East side facing, where the sun comes up and this growing season it’s on the West side.

My green beans have sprouted nicely forming an L shape in the East corner. I hope they are close enough to the fence to intertwine the vine on it. It would be cool to pick beans off the fence.

As most of you may know, I planted a bed of sunflowers for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding in August. Here is a recent photo of one and even now, with the rainstorm, it’s a few inches taller. Next Tom and I plan to fence it in to protect it from deer and woodchucks. I’m grateful that I can do this and really hope they will be ready to pick by the 18th.

How are your gardens doing? Have you spent much time nurturing and talking to your plants as I have? I think that’s my mother-in-law’s success with growing flowers is simple, talk to them everyday and love them. You can’t go wrong with love, don’t you agree?

I hope you all are having a pleasant week. I plan to catch up and read many of your blog posts.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

17 thoughts on “A Garden Update

      1. Just the opposite of here, Terry. It’s been hot and dry and usually spring is wet and cool. I’m not complaining though because our winter was really tough and we need ( I do especially) the sun and heat. I’m going to try to shade the cukes today with an old sheet to protect them. They’ve had a rough start. Do you have a garden?

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  1. I gave up this year on my balcony garden as I always plant and then I’m away so much that everything dies, so I’m going to wait until Fall to plant.
    Yours looks awesome!

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    1. That makes sense! It’s nice you have good weather in the fall. We have nice fall weather, warm days and cool nights but usually I”m done by October. This year my dad gave us a mini greenhouse. I”m not sure if I’ll use it this fall or in the spring to start my seeds.

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      1. I loved starting from seed as I had a big piece of property to fill with flowers and it was much cheaper to do it from seed!
        No we go until June 29th

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  2. A lot of sun, heat and dry weather spells wildfire season here, usually in July and August, often continuing until the first big snow, so that’s often not a nice season. I am less heat tolerant every year too. I haven’t had a garden for the last few years, but this year I have some tomato plants that look to have a lot of promise. My wife used to have a garden and of course, I would help her with it. Perhaps next year.

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  3. Fun! thanks for the garden update Mary!! Glad you’re becoming good friends with your garden hose!! ha ha. We get more produce from our neighbor’s garden– than our own little patch. Happy gardening!! hugs hugs.

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