Jubilant July

Here we are already in July! It’s been scorching hot weather here for days. Temperatures have reached in the 90’s and it’s apparent most people welcome it! I know I sure do, but worry about Tom who has to work in it. Cars roll by with windows all the way down, people walk around in shorts and sunglasses and head for a cool drink. Children dash back and forth in sprinklers or immerse in cool pools.


The beautiful heat wave has launched my flowers a bloom. A splash  of rainbow colors dot my front yard. Several times a day I walk barefoot the plush grass and with a jubilant feeling. It’s July and all my flowers are growing as well as my vegetable garden. Opposite the white glow of winter, July brings in bright yellows, rich reds, dainty purples and verdant greens. 

Wouldn’t you love to stroll this corner and take in all the magic?

My latest find is this Sombrero Salsa red Cone-flower! I’m planting it after the heat wave next to my newest plant that has gone by. I already have wine purple Cone-flowers interspersed between my Coreopsis but now will have another color to add to the mix. They are not bloomed yet and it may be a few weeks until they do.

Here’s a street side view of our little house. God bless “her” as she keeps us cool in the heat. The foundation is of rock and years ago they actually had a root cellar in the basement. 

Yesterday I mulched my shady garden a bit more and I love the eye-popping red mulch with the greens!

Many of you already know that I’m growing sunflowers for an important purpose: my son’s wedding. Back before the heat arrived we had a drenching rain for a whole day and a half and these beauties are the result! How incredible they are….I do hope with a shot of Miracle Gro every week, they will bloom before August 18th.

Well, friends that’s it for now! As you can see I’ve been quite busy gardening and indulging in my yard. That’s why I really love summer and the nice temperatures to enjoy its gifts.

Happy July Fourth to you all, if you are an American. God bless the U.S.A.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

27 thoughts on “Jubilant July

  1. A lovely peep into your yard, thanks for taking us on the journey. How exciting that you will be growing sunflowers for your son’s wedding. Love the color of your newest cone flower addition. Be wary of slugs, they love coneflowers. We have pretty much the same heat over here and I have to keep a watchful eye on all the plants. I too use Miracle Gro, from time to time, but in this heat and humidity, I’m cautious. Happy 4th!

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    1. Happy Fourth of July, Loretta! I hope you will enjoy it with family and friends in your lovely yard! I already have slugs attack my hostas out front. I have to set out beer in dishes or something. Yes, I’m waiting until the heatwave subsides and then I”ll do the gro again. Have a great day!


    1. HI Eunice, yes we don’t get that much sun and warmth so it’s a gift. It’s a little hot though and the air conditioner is working overtime. Happy Fourth of July to you too! Thanks for the sweet comment.

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      1. 🙂 I go out for an hour and weed then a few hours later for some peace in the pretty yard and then back in for some fruit then water just after sun clears my area 🙂 we here know how to roll lol

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      2. haha, yes that’s what I’ve been doing! Weeding and watering the gardens in the am and then back out in the afternoon to walk in the grass. Enjoy! Hey I know you are in southern NH, do you ever go to the Bank of Pavilion for concerts? Just wondering…I go once a year but twice this year. Going on Friday to see Keith Urban.

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      3. I do love it there 🙂

        Love Keith but with knee bum for a bit longer I am usually found here close to the seacoast.

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      4. Thank you seems the brace may work wonders they come to fit me on Tuesday at 10 do not know how long it takes to get it to me soon I hope. Thank you HUGS

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  2. Mary- absolutely love the yard photos!! Those sunflowers look so healthy! We are in a crazy heatwave here. It’s predicted 113 degrees for our ton today! It’s never that hot here. So we have the house closed and are sure to put on the air conditioning today. (we are sort of air conditioning cheap skates– don’t turn it on unless it’s pretty hot– think today will qualify!). Stay cool friend! xox

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    1. Hi Rhonda, I”m catching up with your comments and within the next day or two will read your latest posts. that’s hot, wow! We are air conditioner cheap skates too. As a matter of fact the first two years we were here we didn’t even get it out. But this year it’s needed, we have one in the livingroom, one in our bedroom and one in our son’s room. You stay cool too! A good time for a pool dip or cold dish! xoxo


      1. Rhonda, yes, it’s a month and two days away. It will go fast. We are starting to buy soda and water and bagged ice for our freezer. Your niece’s wedding must have been beautiful. Was it nearby or did you have to travel?


      2. Hi Rhonda, that’s pretty close and convenient. It must have been great to have your kids there too. We will have a house full for the wedding. Hopefully my mother in law will come, it’s all up in the air as she may need back surgery. I”m praying she will be able to come. My son’s girlfriend will also stay with us. Hugs and blessings to you.


      3. Oh gosh, back surgery sounds serious. Hoping with you that she’s about to make it. And sounds like a full house! Wish I could drop by a couple casseroles to use for meals together! take care friend. xox

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      4. Hi Rhonda, Oh you are such a caring person! I bet your casseroles would be delicious! I hope you are having a great weekend. My son and daughter in law’s bridal shower is today.


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