Lookin’ Up

Recently my sister-in-law Bev and I went shopping to beautiful North Conway, NH to get my dress for Dylan’s wedding. Walking through Settler’s Green mall, I noticed that many people were looking down. Yup, at their cell phones. One lady was enticed with her phone leaving the bathroom stall. I’m surprised she could see where she was going and not bump into me as I waited. 




Believe it or not, I don’t do this. Because I only own a Tracfone and only use it on road trips or vacations. It’s okay…I don’t miss it nor do I need it. I’d rather look up and see these. I’m grateful these amazing clouds caught my eye at lunch today!


Wow, look at the pure white against the robin egg blue sky!


How cool are these patterns? A translucent sweep of white against a canvas of blue.


See what you’re missing if you’re looking down at your cellphone? Beauty. Nature. Things that will pass and change and if you aren’t looking up, you’ll miss it.


Thanks to sweet Bev for coming up to visit her brother and I this last weekend. She got to see her brother after a year and a half. She graciously offered to go dress shopping with me. I loved the company and the ride through Crawford Notch was mesmerizing! We found the dress and I’m very thankful that Bev bought it for me. It’s my style…wrap around with a v-neck and I love the colors! Thanks again so much, Bev.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

12 thoughts on “Lookin’ Up

  1. I also just have a trac phone for emergencies. Sad to see everyone looking down instead of up. Nice piece, Mary. Love the dress! Good luck to Dylan! Kindest regards, Neighbor!

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    1. Hi Jaye! Thanks for stopping by, Landaff neighbor. The wedding will be up the road from you so on Old Home Day in Flander’s field. So if you hear a dj and see a lot of cars, you’ll know about it. Happy summer!


    1. I chose that dress because it’s casual. The wedding will be rustic and country outside in a field. Tom has been cutting the place where the tent will go so the grass will soften up. Thanks for stopping by@ Hugs!


      1. Good Morning Rhonda. No, the wedding is in the same town, a few miles from here. Tom is a caretaker at this estate and we’ve received permission to host the wedding in the field with a nearby barn with a mountain view. I will post pictures after the wedding to share with you. Hugs xoxo


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