I’ve Been Thinking…By Maria Shriver



I stumbled upon my latest find by accident but maybe it was a  divine intervention. My sister and I attended a Keith Urban concert and stayed over in a hotel that night. She had this book in her bag, I’ve Been Thinking…Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life by Maria Shriver. I noticed it and thumbed through it and later purchased it after my sister ranted and raved over it.


My sister and I at the concert. What a great night we had, dancing, celebrating life and talking most of the night. I love my younger sister so much!


I love Maria Shriver and what she stands for. She is a strong woman, a person who knows what she wants to do( find a cure and an answer for Alzheimer’s, her true mission),who writes poetically with her heart and soul and has featured a Facebook video in the past with Christina Ferrare. These were about a year and a half ago, focusing on healthy foods for a healthy brain and body. What I loved about the videos was that these two are obvious friends and had a charisma and humor that kept you glued to it. I miss them but I’m getting my fill of Maria by reading her book.


Each chapter has various reflections that affect women and can strengthen them. She features joy in the home,gratitude, forgiveness, the power of positive thinking and letting go. Maria describes her battle with empty nest and where it has left her. I can relate to this as I’m experiencing the same thing.


I loved the chapter that focused on mental illness and how everyone has some form of it. It resonated with me because sometimes I feel like my thoughts are out of control and steamrolling the real me. Shriver says that everyone has mental problems and that it’s okay. She further says that “we all need to think about preserving its (the brain) health”. 


Lastly I encourage you to buy this book and rest it on your night stand. Read a bit at a time and reflect. Journal your thoughts and reflections after you read. If you enjoy short reflective chapters that make you think, then this is your book.


One last quote from Maria’s book that I love is,

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

-Carl Jung

14 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking…By Maria Shriver

  1. Oh Mary, this is wonderful! I’m glad that you found Maria Shriver’s book, how serendipitous that is.

    This got me thinking. I have a resource that you may find useful at this time. It has to do with awakening to the essence of who you are, plus practical tools to do that. Would you be interested? Let me know, Mary. God bless you in all ways! Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie, it sounds interesting. I am interested….my son’s wedding is in three weeks so whatever it is it would be limited until the end of August. What is the resource and what would I do? thanks Debbie. wishing many blessings for you.

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      1. Hi Mary, it’s a book called “Loyalty to Your Soul” by Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick. It’s one of the best books I know to put your life in a spiritual context and bring healing to the places inside that hurt. If you would like me to send it to you, I’m happy to do that. Just email me your address. (I recently took a weekend workshop by them called by the same name. It was transformational and full of forgiveness.) Blessings to you Mary! And CONGRATS to your son. Love, Debbie


  2. Sounds intriguing Mary– Putting it on my library list, see if I can track it down… And what fun to go away overnight and to a concert with your sis!! Perfect summertime outing! You two look so cute in the photo. Praying for you on the wedding countdown– with so much going on, I hope you can savor all the special moments. hugs!

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    1. Hi Rhonda, yes the book is good. I like to read a chapter and think about it, sometimes journalling my thoughts. There is very much going on so in a week or so I’ll probably take a short hiatus from here until after the wedding! I will love the day and try not to be stressed about it. How are things your way?xoxo


      1. That sounds like it makes perfect sense Mary!! So much going on with the wedding and you want to savor every minute! We’ll be all waiting til you get back! Praying and hoping with you that it is a beautiful time for your family!! hugs hugs!

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      2. I am getting nervous, especially concerning the mother son dance. I get nervous when all the attention is on me. I asked Tom to dance with Lexy after a bit, may take all eyes off of us. thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I do hope your summer is going well!


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