A Beautiful Bridal Shower


A couple of Sundays ago,  the bridal shower for my daughter-in-law Lexy and my son Dylan was held. It was a beautiful party with her mom Arlene and stepdad Glenn hosting the event. Here is a little picture collage of the backyard event.

The shower guests, my son Dylan to the far left, his future bride Lexy three people in from the right


Lexy and Dylan were very surprised! Family and friends gathered on a cloudy day with just a hint of rain now and then. Great food and platters fed guests as well as a unique punch of Moscato and lemonade. (I’m going to try Arlene’s recipe soon, 1 bottle Moscato and Country Time Lemonade)

the beautiful future bride


It was cute to see Alexis take her time unwrapping gifts, for she didn’t want  to ruin the decorative paper. That’s how Lexy is, a caring soul with a thoughtful approach to everything she does!

She opened up box after box of handy cooking utensils, a Copper Chef set, bowls and a unique wooden recipe box with her and Dylan’s name engraved on it. Shower guests brought their favorite recipes to add to her collection.  Her sister-in-law’s mother sketched a picture of her and Dylan from one of their best photos. She framed it to complete the package.




A typical bridal shower wouldn’t be the same without the cutesy or flashy lingerie. Here Lexy’s friends treated her to a massage for before or after the wedding and check out the decorated bag it came in! SO clever and cute.




Lexy’s mom, Arlene gifted her a handmade doll made by her grandmother, Estelle Nedelak. The outer layer of the doll’s dress is crocheted while the underlay is made of her grandmother’s wedding dress. This was a sentimental moment from one generation to another with a mother daughter hug. I was happy to witness it and I’m thrilled for Lexy and her mom. Perhaps Alexis will hand down the heirloom to her daughter someday, our grand daughter.



The bridal shower was a lovely success with family and friends sharing in this momentous occasion, the joining of two hearts into a marriage union. The theme was ringing laughter and happiness. Everyone celebrated the bride as we all as the groom, as he attended as well. What a great start to the wedding festivities!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

16 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bridal Shower

  1. Aww how lovely. It looks like the wedding date is fast approaching. Our daughter gets married on October 13th. What a special time it will be to see your son and future daughter in law be joined in marriage. Congratulations!

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  2. Don’t you love showers Mary?? So much hope! And the family all celebrating together– and providing things the young coupule will use to make a household ahead?? This really looked like a fun day– I think your love of family just pulls every one together. Lexi is lucky to have you as a mother-in-law! Enjoy every minute of the days ahead friend! xox from here.

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    1. Hi Rhonda, it was a fun day with so many blessings. You are so sweet to say that and Im hope Lexy feels that way. She gave me a hanky with a beautiful message and I’ll cherish it always. I’ve enjoyed the wedding festivities but I’m pooped tired and haven’t had proper sleep in weeks. Tomorrow I go back to school so I hope to relax today. Blessings to you, dear friend.💕❤️


      1. ha ha ha! I’ll bet you tired!! And no time to catch up with yourself before school started!! Hope you can kick back this weekend!! So exciting (and exhausting!) You’re amazing Mary! xox

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      2. Hey Mary! Glad your garden came through in the middle of this busy summer!! We’re doing well– I’m up in San Francisco right now with my daughter Ani, waiting for her second baby to appear! A sweet time. I’m off to your blog to see if you’ve had time to post about the wedding!! xox

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