Goodbye Garden Days

IMG_0130.JPG Here we are immersed in September and as most New Hampshire gardeners know, that means gardening days are numbered. There’s a chill in the air and a pungent odor of dying plants. This smell emerges every late August, my warning sign of my gardens last days. It’s a stark opposite of the fresh spring garden scent in early June and quite sad too.   IMG_0135 Tomato plants topple from their weight, resembling small trees. Red plum tomatoes as well as Big Boy fruits ripen, almost ready to pick. Everyday I venture out to my plot to pick a few more gems. My deepest regret is not finding time to pick tomato leaves, especially the dead ones. Carrot tops are brittle as their orange color peeks out from the top of the dirt. Purple beets are globe shaped and neighbors to the carrots, awaiting to be pickled.         Broccoli has gone by and what’s left is greenish brown plants. Corn stalks wave in the breeze, swaying to and fro parallel to my sunflower patch. Scampering gray squirrels climb the towering plants to hoard the sunflower seeds. What a mess they leave, bending the stalks and scattering flower bits all over!       For a few weeks now I’ve made homemade spaghetti sauce from the plum and heirloom tomatoes. We are fortunate to enjoy our grown tomatoes well into winter. I’ve been cutting fresh sweet corn off the cob to freeze as well as freezing a few cobs for mid- winter meals.     Another garden season has come and gone, all fleeting days with racing time. Every year it seems to go by faster and faster! My true hope is that I continue to maintain a vegetable garden each summer until my final days. It’s not only a hobby but something vital to my existence. Are you putting your garden to bed? What did you put up from your growing season? All My Best, Heart and Soul💜

21 thoughts on “Goodbye Garden Days

  1. Your garden looks fabulous!

    My new blog post is here! 💫🌸 I’d love if you gave it a read and left a comment 😘

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  2. What a fabulous garden. Looks like you have a very well stocked freezer. We tried to grow carrots in a tub this year but they are teeny tiny still. Not sure anything will come of them.

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  3. What a sad but beautiful post just the same. Love how you’ve written what’s happening in your corner of the gardening world. Sad that you have to put everything to bed, yet look at all that produce from your hard work, I’m most envious. The most I can grow here in our downsized yard is fresh herbs. It’s not so much a question of space either, it’s just that I don’t believe I would get the 5-7 hours of sunlight in the backyard as there are a lot of mature trees. It would be wonderful to grow so much and enjoy it during the winter months. Just lovely!

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    1. Hi Loretta, I wish you could garden where you are! I get much satisfaction and true peace from it. Also I’m thankful for the harvest in the winter. Even though you don’t have a veggie garden, your flowers are amazing. You have created a beautiful sanctuary!❤️😉


    1. Hi Rhonda, no it’s a fake decoy. I love putting interesting things in my garden. Haha. I have about twelve containers of sauce now. I’m excited that we will have it for winter. How is your family? Any fun trips coming up? Hugs dear friend ❤️😇


      1. Hi Mary– spaghetti is good anytime! Yep, I just made plane reservations this morning to take my Mom up to SF end of October. She has 2 great grandsons she needs to meet. She’s 87 and will be fun to travel with her. Besides that, it was a quiet day. xo

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      2. Hi Mary– yep, she’s really excited to go up there. She’s 87 and doesn’t travel on her own any more. It will be a sweet time together. Loved your front door photo– so festive! xox

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