Welcoming Autumn Days

As  September days commence, I am reminded everyday of why I truly relish the autumn season. The country air cools down, bringing relief from such hot and steamy weather this summer. Nearby maples sport orange tipped leaves. I’ve spotted a few pinks emerging in the landscape, soon to be immersed with golden yellows. Farm fields host endless rows of perky plump pumpkins, soon to be placed on porches. In Bath a corn maze has opened its business, a winding path of lefts and rights amongst tall green corn stalks.
Here leaves are turning a rich red in Maine.
Hummingbirds are gone on their long journey and will return in May. Robins have left too, for warmer temperatures. Crickets play their musical tune during the day…signs of a season change. As these sorrowful changes emerge, summer days dwindle and fall approaches. There’s a time and season for everything and even though summer was joyful and magical, it must end. Thankfully autumn replaces it and that’s fine with me as it’s my favorite time of year! IMG_0133 Last weekend I decorated my house with fall colors, artificial autumn leaves and scarecrows to welcome fall. Soon I’ll visit the pumpkin farm and buy a few plump pumpkins for our front step. We have one lone pumpkin on a vine out back in our compost pile. Last year we dumped our rotted pumpkins, little did we anticipate their seeds replanting. The round beauty still sports a green hue and hopefully with the sun and a weeks time it’s color will turn orange.       Are you decorating for fall? What is your favorite activity or aspect of the season? I’ll post my fall favorites soon! All My Best, Heart and Soul 💜

21 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn Days

  1. Love fall too Mary. But we are still in the tail end of summer here. We had such a hot summer. I’m thankful for these warm lovely days. Tonight we waked by and picked up friends to go eat frozen yogurt– such a pretty warm evening. Love all your fun fall decorating!! Makes me want to go buy a pumpkin!! I’ll bet it seems quiet at your house after this summer! How are you all doing?? xox

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    1. Hi Rhonda, it’s quiet but busy here. I’ve been making homemade spaghetti sauce from my plum tomatoes for weeks. Honestly I’m getting sick of it with school too. How are you and Larry doing? How are the kids?😇😘


      1. I’d love to get my hands on a jar of your homemade sauce Mary!! We’re doing good– drove up to Ojai this Tuesday. Our daughter-in-law’s parents are here from China and we went to a fancy Chinese place to celebrate her Dad’s birthday! Also he taught us how to play Mahjong! Great visit. hugs hugs1

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