Low Fat Snack Ideas

Over the summer I’ve lost weight due to emotional stress. From there I decided to start eating healthy and cut back on snacks. All summer I pretty much just ate three meals a day with a rumbling tummy in between. Each meal had protein of some kind ( chicken, fish, venison to name a few), a generous serving of fresh veggies and sometimes  a very small amount of rice or potatoes. I drank lots of ice water and stayed hydrated and still do at school. IMG_0138 One factor in my weight loss has been staying active. All summer I helped Tom with cleaning the yard, stacking heavy wood, walking and gardening movement. Healthy eating and physical exercise go together in successful weight loss. IMG_0156   Recently I’ve talked to Christine, our school nurse, who’s lost lots of weight and her advice was to eat snacks and small meals every two or three hours. Otherwise you gain more weight when you do eat because of going so long and of the hunger. She gave me a computer generated list of snacks 100 calories or less. I’m grateful for Christine’s mentoring, which has aided me as I continue my journey. I’ll star my favorites that I’ve had the last few weeks.   IMG_0157  

Fresh cucumber sticks and hummus


15 almonds *


two tablespoons sunflower seeds *


One hard boiled egg ( I’ve been having two for lunch with cucumber and hummus)


1 Tablespoon peanut butter


one banana ( I use 1/2 a banana with 1/2 cup Grapenuts cereal for breakfast)


one apple *


one pear


1 1/2 cup fresh berries *


1 1\2 cup cut up watermelon *

        My advice with snacking is NOT to buy tempting sweets, chips or candy that you can’t say no to. I made chocolate chip cookies for a care package for my son and his girlfriend in Cambridge. I had one cookie and it simply was delicious and it tasted like another. But I asked Tom to hide the rest and he was satisfied with that, as the rest of the batch was his.       Happy snacking! Plan healthy and pack small amounts for work and trips. I believe the trick is planning from the grocery list to anticipating unusual circumstances where binge or fast food would be a temptation. If you are always prepared with bottles of water, it will make your snacking healthy easier!     All My Best, Heart and Soul 💕
This is my favorite family photo from my son’s wedding. I lost just under twenty pounds for the occasion.

17 thoughts on “Low Fat Snack Ideas

  1. That’s an awesome photo! You must be feeling better too! That was the best part of losing 55 pounds for me! I eat every three hours, but you just need to find what works for you:)

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  2. First of all- Great family photo Mary!! Hope yo have it tucked away in a frame where you can see it!! And love your good eating encouragement!! I am a snacker– but not always in a healthy way! I did stop buying chips about a year and a half ago– Larry and I love tortilla chips! And am drinking lots of water, like you! In any case, you look great! hugs hugs from here.

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    1. I haven’t printed any wedding photos yet I’m sure I will! Tortilla chips are delicious, especially with homemade salsa. I’m sure I saw a salsa recipe from you once or twice. How is life your way? Are you seeing signs of fall?😃💜


      1. So fun to have the photos!! Just a tiny nip in the air here. This morning I picked up some red leaves from the sidewalk on my walk and put them in a glass on my kitchen counter. I think that counts as fall! I’ll bet it’s cooler and beautiful there where you are! xox

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  3. Great family shot Mary, and your son’s wedding must have super motivated you. Good for you. I love all your snacking ideas. I try not to leave too many sweet goodies in the pantry. I do walk and exercise a lot, but it seems that the weight I’m trying to lose for my daughter’s wedding is just so stubborn. I just need to lose 5 lbs as I had put it on last year when I was going through some hip and back issues and had quit walking. Still, I do fit into my dress, and that’s all that matters. 🙂 It’s nice to be able to hear other stories on here too as to how one stays in shape. Good for you!

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    1. Hi Loretta, thank you for your kindness. I’m going to print the family photo to frame. It sounds like you will look great in your dress. Losing weight isn’t easy and us women out too much pressure on ourselves, don’t you think? I’m holding my own but sometimes I take steps back. 😊💕


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