Boston Red Sox Win!

Growing up Red Sox games were always on the television in the Doyle house. My dad and brother Del would root them on, many times hooting and hollering  when they hit a home run or won a game. Many times there was disappointment in the air as they would get close to the Champoinship but drastically lose. There was talk of Babe Ruth’s curse as the losses built up. Even so, Sox players such as Yaz, Carlton Fisk and Jim Rice gave it their all.


My picture of Mookie Betts, who hit a blasting homer in last night.


As an adult I watched the baseball games, handed down in excitement from my dad. As my son Dylan grew, his interest in baseball was sparked and he also became a loyal fan. His idols were David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra.




Tom and I took him to Fenway for his first game when he was in third grade. He thought it was the best leaving school a little early for the three hour trip there. That game Manny hit a giant homer over the green monster, a huge wall that Fenway is infamous for. A great memory for us all!






In recent years we haven’t watched the Red Sox due to a busy life and we don’t get the channels on tv. Even so I watch the scores and feel that disappointment every year they don’t make it.




This year when I heard the team was having a stellar year, I started getting excited and adrenalinized. Once they earned the spot in the World Series, I downloaded a free trial of FuboTV. That way we could watch the games on our iPad and keep track of their progress. Last nights game was filled with homers and great pitching. The players brought me back to 2004, when that historic team won it all and broke the Babe Ruth curse. ( was there really a curse, though?) This win was just as sweet for the team and the fans.



This morning I’m proud as heck to be a Boston Red Sox fan and live in New England, for they represent our region. My son Dylan messaged me and said, “ They did it, mom!” bringing back memories of their past wins while we watched in anticipation.


So with this post I congratulate the hard working young team. I want to give credit to the Los Angeles Dodgers for playing feisty and hard. It just wasn’t enough nor their time.

This girl will always be a Boston Red Sox fan if they win or lose. It’s a family thing.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️


The Best of October

As October comes to an end

I reflect back on my past posts

of this month of years ago.


Scenes of vibrant sunsets

and changing leaves

bring back precious moments.

Carved jack-o- lanterns

and little costumes dominate

October photos of years past.

I remember

enormous bowls of gushy

flesy squash guts,

hearty laughs and crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds.

All these moments are close to my heart.



I recollect putting costumes together,

cowboys, flitting ghosts and Power Rangers

for eager

little boys.

There were pumpkin  buckets of candy,

crying tired kids

and a doorbell or two of neighbor trick- or- treaters,

young children who grew up

and are making a difference in this world.


I’m truly grateful for what October has blessed us with…

times of autumn days in a small town.

Family and friends

who have shared all the laughs

and spooks.

These are innocent

and carefree times,

magical moments

of October.



I hope you all carry vivid memories in your heart, lovely times of togetherness and fun.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️😁

This Feeling




This feeling deep within

it lives and breathes alone

it strives to rise up

and make me feel at home

The best kind of notion

that was sparked so long ago

via a kind word


a heartfelt hug



who believed in me

This feeling I now cradle

and swaddle as a new born baby

its always been there hidden

ready to emerge

a love I’m growing

Self love



All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️❤️❤️




Pumpkin Discovery

Whirling winds swept crinkled leaves

here and there.

The mid day sun gleamed

as warm temperatures reached 60,

batheing me with contentment.

Teeny chickadees flitted from branch to branch

of an old gnarled

apple tree.





Suddenly I spied

an orange hue from the compost pile.

A radiant glow,

tangled within greens and browns,

the pumpkin vine.





Upon close investigation

Tom found

the globe shaped fruit

bitten into,


cleaned out,

to feed a wild belly.

Its readiness for winter.


Tom cut the rough stem

and swiftly rolled it

down the pile.

I hoped the hungry creature

would return to finish.




We  harvested the green lil guy,

the squash we knew about.

No sudden surprises.

No orange color yet.




This spontaneous discovery

turned into slight disappointment,

but a fulfilling opportunity

for our visitor!

He/ she needed it more.


I am hopeful

the critter will survive the winter.

Maybe our pumpkin made a difference.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul



Be Authentic!

My niece Michele and I at Dylan’s wedding. I feel authentic around her and most of my family.💜



Recently I’ve discovered podcasts on my iPad. As I worked on folding my laundry, I listened to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with author Brene Brown. The podcast I heard was focused on being authentic. Most of us probably act fake and not really ourselves when we around people who are like that. It’s only natural to reciprocate that behavior when experiencing it with someone. It surprised me to hear that Oprah has also been through  that!




Oprah and Brene suggest that you can be authentic and yourself by choosing positive and genuine people who live their life being real.



Laugh when you feel like it (we watch funny comedies to generate deep belly laughs).



Speak confidently and be comfortable with your choice of words.



As I age, the desire to live in my truth strengthens. With that need I only wish to be around real people. People who choose their words carefully and don’t intend to hurt me with them. People who truly listen to me and don’t talk over me. Friends and family who accept me and who I am and love me for it. I am just being me…living in my truth and honoring my soul. This makes me happy…to be around genuine and authentic souls who want the same for themselves.


Are you struggling hanging around fake people? Do you feel depressed with low confidence after being around these people? If so, evaluate your situation. Do you really need this person in your life or can you cut them loose? You probably already know the answer.


Be authentic to be happy!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️





Autumn Elegance



It’s my autumn wish to completely express my adoration of my home state, New Hampshire. Being born within its boundaries and breathing it’s fresh country air 49 years entitles me to personal experience. It’s the many years of waking up to majestic mountains and living my life with a scenic background, enough that I should pinch myself that I’m this blessed!





Many years ago Autumn stole my heart with its vibrant gold and red elegance.

Here we stopped among multiple cars and crowds of tourists to snap some lasting photos of the season. This is Waterville Valley.



Sunday afternoon Tom and I cruised the infamous Kangamangus Highway with twists and turns through the White Mountain forest. As we began our journey we were fortunate enough to trail a parade of Corvettes. Even though the day was raw and chilly in the 40’s with a whipping wind, the pleasant sun brought some heat to our enclosed car.









If you ever have the opportunity to visit our stunning state, make sure to wander up north and take a ride on the highway. Every few miles are lookouts, picnic areas, hikes and some campgrounds to vacation in a rustic scene.


Here we stopped to stretch our legs and absorb the glory of Autumn. The C.L. Graham Wangan Grounds lookout is in Lincoln. I’ve never seen as many cars and tourists crowding the area, but even so we found our tiny space to enjoy.



If scenic mountains could be royalty their elegance would sparkle within the court. Their colorful leaves resemble precious jewels, even as the glow wanes. The monumental scenery takes people’s breath away as they absorb it’s unbelievable majesty.


I’m thankful for the quality time Tom and I spent on the road.  We followed the Kangamangus for a few hours towards Conway, NH. Then we stopped at a rest area bordering a brook and ate packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.To wrap up the day, we cruised home slowly with no  expectations. We had heard foliage was at a peak a week ago but even so, the colors popped here and there.  It’s these Autumn days that fill my bucket overflowing!



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

A Purpose in Life




Questions to ask yourself:

What is your purpose for being in your life?

Why are you here?

What is it you wish to accomplish before you leave?


My purpose in most of my married life has been raising good kids and making my husband happy. I focused on those things more than anything else. Now, years later, I must reinvent myself and discover who I am other than being a mother and wife. Finding happiness and fulfillment totally in my husband is too much pressure on him. We are happy together and best friends. But…I realize that I must do much of my inner work myself, love myself and move forward with visions of what I want to do and what my purpose on earth is.


It’s hard work starting from scratch with little tools to help. It’s probably one of the hardest things that I ever will do! Unfortunately I’ve built a life of dependency, hurt feelings and low self esteem. It’s been my security blanket and now I feel that I must tear it off, throw it aside and reinvent my life without it, unclothed. It’s my choice to plow forward and get to know who I really am. 



I know I am here for a reason but I’m not sure what that is. Other than raising great boys and building a beautiful family .Maybe writing comes into play in some form? Maybe giving and volunteering? It make time for me to discover what I will do with my life from now on but that’s okay because I have time.

What do I want to accomplish?


Spreading love, kindness, being understanding


Being self confident


Loving my family and friends




Organizing our house


Gardening and creating beautiful gardens in our yard


Walking, hiking, exercising 


Baking for Pals ( a school parents group)


Giving to others


I think there are times in ones life when priorities shift and directions change. I’m at a time in my life when my children are grown and settling in just fine. My motherly role remains but has taken a back seat. Lately I feel similar to the twenty- year-old me, a young woman with a needed direction and focus. Here I am at the age of 49 and those feelings are back. I plan on using them to my advantage to learn who I am and what I want to do. How exciting it is…to live with a fresh outlook and forward vision. 


What is your life purpose? Have you always known? Did something trigger your purpose that changed your life?  If you have a similar experience I would love to hear your story!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

Still blooming!


This rose bush is still blooming in October!



This rose bush started in a small decorative pot. My daughter-in-law gifted it to me for Mother’s Day. At first I kept it nestled in the pot and placed it on my outside table. Then I decided to plant it in my front flower garden in a corner. It has bloomed sweet little yellow roses for months now with many inches of growth and healthy leaves.




While all my perennials and bushes have gone by with the autumn changes, this beauty remains! An incredible feat in chilly New Hampshire! It’s a good indication of its heartiness and that I made the right placement. I’m beyond grateful for Lexy’s beautiful rose plant, my new gardening addition. Thank you Lexy. ❤️


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💜