A Purpose in Life




Questions to ask yourself:

What is your purpose for being in your life?

Why are you here?

What is it you wish to accomplish before you leave?


My purpose in most of my married life has been raising good kids and making my husband happy. I focused on those things more than anything else. Now, years later, I must reinvent myself and discover who I am other than being a mother and wife. Finding happiness and fulfillment totally in my husband is too much pressure on him. We are happy together and best friends. But…I realize that I must do much of my inner work myself, love myself and move forward with visions of what I want to do and what my purpose on earth is.


It’s hard work starting from scratch with little tools to help. It’s probably one of the hardest things that I ever will do! Unfortunately I’ve built a life of dependency, hurt feelings and low self esteem. It’s been my security blanket and now I feel that I must tear it off, throw it aside and reinvent my life without it, unclothed. It’s my choice to plow forward and get to know who I really am. 



I know I am here for a reason but I’m not sure what that is. Other than raising great boys and building a beautiful family .Maybe writing comes into play in some form? Maybe giving and volunteering? It make time for me to discover what I will do with my life from now on but that’s okay because I have time.

What do I want to accomplish?


Spreading love, kindness, being understanding


Being self confident


Loving my family and friends




Organizing our house


Gardening and creating beautiful gardens in our yard


Walking, hiking, exercising 


Baking for Pals ( a school parents group)


Giving to others


I think there are times in ones life when priorities shift and directions change. I’m at a time in my life when my children are grown and settling in just fine. My motherly role remains but has taken a back seat. Lately I feel similar to the twenty- year-old me, a young woman with a needed direction and focus. Here I am at the age of 49 and those feelings are back. I plan on using them to my advantage to learn who I am and what I want to do. How exciting it is…to live with a fresh outlook and forward vision. 


What is your life purpose? Have you always known? Did something trigger your purpose that changed your life?  If you have a similar experience I would love to hear your story!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

12 thoughts on “A Purpose in Life

  1. Such an interesting post. For more than 20 years my identity was tied up in being a journalist. It wasn’t just a job, more like a lifestyle. Most of the time I loved it. I’ve given that up to be a mum (and don’t regret it for one second) but I ask myself questions about where I go from here (already Freya doesn’t need me as much). It’s exciting but also a bit frightening, I think. I wish you well as you head into a new chapter 🙂

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    1. Hi Tara, it started when the boys were teenagers. I knew they didn’t need me but I kept staying involved with their sports and school events. That’s such a change from a journalist to mom but I can tell that you love being in that role. I will be thinking of you while you go through changes, as I find new hobbies too. 😉


  2. I recall this time of change….. it was a bit tough – maybe really tough as I look back. Especially as like you I am a mom to two boys. But take heart – it is fun discovering new hobbies and yourself! Enjoy the journey! PS I love that first photo of you especially! Your hair looks adorable!

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  3. I am the definition of a re-birth of sorts from having it all to floundering to grabbing at anything to feel whole once again but I did it and so can you.

    Start with what you are passionate about mine was trucking and when I got hurt that was gone so I went back to the basics who I was as a kid what were my loves.

    Then I went away for a 10 silent retreat to heal myself from within. For me this was life changing not in the 10 days of course but by seeing how I was a part of the problem of being something for everyone but me I was once again on the right path. Not saying you have to go away but start doing things daily for YOU. Small things like making a meal you love not what they love, try new things like sign up for a gentle yoga class or a facial or just a pedicure it is hard when everyone else has been put first.

    I will you well on your next chapter neighbor.

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    1. Great advice, Eunice! Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging me. I’m on my way! Yes, I’m losing weight and exercising for ME and learning what I want to do to make myself happy! I love yoga! Blessings to you😘❤️

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