Be Authentic!

My niece Michele and I at Dylan’s wedding. I feel authentic around her and most of my family.💜



Recently I’ve discovered podcasts on my iPad. As I worked on folding my laundry, I listened to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with author Brene Brown. The podcast I heard was focused on being authentic. Most of us probably act fake and not really ourselves when we around people who are like that. It’s only natural to reciprocate that behavior when experiencing it with someone. It surprised me to hear that Oprah has also been through  that!




Oprah and Brene suggest that you can be authentic and yourself by choosing positive and genuine people who live their life being real.



Laugh when you feel like it (we watch funny comedies to generate deep belly laughs).



Speak confidently and be comfortable with your choice of words.



As I age, the desire to live in my truth strengthens. With that need I only wish to be around real people. People who choose their words carefully and don’t intend to hurt me with them. People who truly listen to me and don’t talk over me. Friends and family who accept me and who I am and love me for it. I am just being me…living in my truth and honoring my soul. This makes me happy…to be around genuine and authentic souls who want the same for themselves.


Are you struggling hanging around fake people? Do you feel depressed with low confidence after being around these people? If so, evaluate your situation. Do you really need this person in your life or can you cut them loose? You probably already know the answer.


Be authentic to be happy!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️





12 thoughts on “Be Authentic!

  1. OK, first of all love the photos of you Mary– especially with Tom! And I agree. The person I can most be myself with is my sis. We’ve known each other since she was born and no one makes me laugh like she does and let’s my whine away when I need to. Great post!! xox

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  2. This is really beautiful, Mary! I acknowledge you for wanting to be yourself, and for surrounding yourself with people who support that. Brene has wonderful video and podcasts to support this = cool that you found her. Over the summer, I did a workshop, Loyalty to your Soul. Such a deep experience of living in the truth of who I am. (they have a great two year program also!)

    Anyway, Mary, all this to say that I am touched by you, and send you blessings of love and applause. 😊😊😊 Love and Light,

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