The Best of October

As October comes to an end

I reflect back on my past posts

of this month of years ago.


Scenes of vibrant sunsets

and changing leaves

bring back precious moments.

Carved jack-o- lanterns

and little costumes dominate

October photos of years past.

I remember

enormous bowls of gushy

flesy squash guts,

hearty laughs and crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds.

All these moments are close to my heart.



I recollect putting costumes together,

cowboys, flitting ghosts and Power Rangers

for eager

little boys.

There were pumpkin  buckets of candy,

crying tired kids

and a doorbell or two of neighbor trick- or- treaters,

young children who grew up

and are making a difference in this world.


I’m truly grateful for what October has blessed us with…

times of autumn days in a small town.

Family and friends

who have shared all the laughs

and spooks.

These are innocent

and carefree times,

magical moments

of October.



I hope you all carry vivid memories in your heart, lovely times of togetherness and fun.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️😁

15 thoughts on “The Best of October

  1. I love my memories with the boys, bow they are making there own memories. Memories filled with so much love, fun and excitement! Thank you Mary for your blogs I so enjoy them!!!

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      1. Hi Mary– we’re in the suburbs that go on forever sooth of Los Angeles. But our town is surrounded by hills and about 30 minutes from the ocean, so it’s a nice place for us. Happy Thanksgiving friend!! xo

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      2. Hi Rhonda, it sounds like the best of both worlds,Mountain like and ocean. Beautiful. I hope the fires aren’t near you. I’m praying for everyone involved with that. How horrible those fires become! ❤️❤️❤️


      3. Hi Mary– you’re so right. The fires have gotten worse every year. It’s because we get to little rain now. Our kids were coming down from San Francisco to stay and to travel up to Thanksgiving– but the air is so smokey where they live, they came down early to escape it! It’s just so sad for the families up north in the thick of it. hugs hugs friend.

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      4. That’s terrible with bad air quality. Hopefully they can get them under control! It must be devastating for families to leave their homes not knowing if they would be still standing when they come back. Hugs, dear friend.xoxo


      5. It is so sad– we had just a taste of it when our kids had damage from fires to their house last December. They lived with us fo 6 weeks, but most of their things were saved. Hope you’re enjoying the beauty of all that snow! xox Mary!


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