Boston Red Sox Win!

Growing up Red Sox games were always on the television in the Doyle house. My dad and brother Del would root them on, many times hooting and hollering  when they hit a home run or won a game. Many times there was disappointment in the air as they would get close to the Champoinship but drastically lose. There was talk of Babe Ruth’s curse as the losses built up. Even so, Sox players such as Yaz, Carlton Fisk and Jim Rice gave it their all.


My picture of Mookie Betts, who hit a blasting homer in last night.


As an adult I watched the baseball games, handed down in excitement from my dad. As my son Dylan grew, his interest in baseball was sparked and he also became a loyal fan. His idols were David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra.




Tom and I took him to Fenway for his first game when he was in third grade. He thought it was the best leaving school a little early for the three hour trip there. That game Manny hit a giant homer over the green monster, a huge wall that Fenway is infamous for. A great memory for us all!






In recent years we haven’t watched the Red Sox due to a busy life and we don’t get the channels on tv. Even so I watch the scores and feel that disappointment every year they don’t make it.




This year when I heard the team was having a stellar year, I started getting excited and adrenalinized. Once they earned the spot in the World Series, I downloaded a free trial of FuboTV. That way we could watch the games on our iPad and keep track of their progress. Last nights game was filled with homers and great pitching. The players brought me back to 2004, when that historic team won it all and broke the Babe Ruth curse. ( was there really a curse, though?) This win was just as sweet for the team and the fans.



This morning I’m proud as heck to be a Boston Red Sox fan and live in New England, for they represent our region. My son Dylan messaged me and said, “ They did it, mom!” bringing back memories of their past wins while we watched in anticipation.


So with this post I congratulate the hard working young team. I want to give credit to the Los Angeles Dodgers for playing feisty and hard. It just wasn’t enough nor their time.

This girl will always be a Boston Red Sox fan if they win or lose. It’s a family thing.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️


10 thoughts on “Boston Red Sox Win!

  1. Our niece married a tried and true Red Sox Fan, she’s a tried and true Angels fan. She arranged for him to fly to Boston for a game (he is from Boston and his relatives still live there) and then they were able to be at the game last night at Dodger Stadium. So much fun for Lenny to experience the series winner in person. Fun message from your son!

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  2. Congratulations on an overwhelming win!! I have to admit that we were rooting for the Dodgers here. But the Red Sox were the better team! I’m sort of like you Mary, not a huge baseball fan– but it’s fun to have a favorite in the World Series!! Take care. xox

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      1. HI Mary– I drove back up to San Francisco on Sunday to help with the new baby and Lois. Just easy fun– playing with play dough and going to library story time… How about you all?? How was yoru weekend? xox

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      2. Hi Rhonda, it must be great to see the baby and little Lois! I used to go to library story time with the boys and hope to take my grandchild ( when I have one) someday. 😘❤️


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