Random Facts About Me part 2



My co-workers and I in our elementary wing after school on Halloween. I’m the sixth person in.

I really enjoy reading facts about my blogging friends as a huge way to get to know them. I was browsing through last November posts and found a post I penned about myself. I’m piggy backing to it with more random facts about myself.


1. Do you enjoy your present job and get along with your co-workers?

Yes! I’ve taught reading groups for 13 years at our local elementary school. As years pass I am more grateful for God leading me there and for bringing different co-workers into my life. I truly enjoy the children and what they say from day to day. They keep me young and therefore I feel alive! The people I work with are great and we have fun! This Halloween we dressed as dominoes, an idea Carol found on Pinterest. All day the kids counted our dots and had much fun with it!


Last Halloween we dressed as gnomes from the Trolls movie. We had hats made of construction paper and flowing beards of cotton! What a hoot it was! The kids loved it! We are posed at our monthly community meeting with our principal Jackie Daniels in front.





2. What’s an average weekend look for you?

Usually Saturday is my sleep in day but not lately. Tom gets up at 4 and that wakes me up. Sometimes I lie in bed in the flannel sheets awhile and then get up. I savor my two cups of coffee, read my blogging friends’ posts or watch Grey’s Anatomy or This is us. I attack my housework list early. There’s always laundry to wash and dry, the bathroom to scrub and vacuuming to do. After I accomplish all that I exercise in some way, whether it’s a walk or Denise Austin exercise dvd, it doesn’t matter as long as I stay active!



Sundays Tom and I spend time together. Sometimes we have a nice quiet breakfast at the table and others we eat watching Hulu. I have less to do this day so it leaves it open for visiting, baking and blogging. This is the day we go on car rides or hikes depending on the weather.


3. Is there something that is weighing on your heart lately? 

Yes, very much so but it’s much better! Our 15 year – old cat Katy is aging and we’ve noticed concerning changes. It appears that she’s lost muscle mass and 3 pounds since her last vet visit. I took her for a thorough physical check with a really nice young vet. She listened to my concerns, talked with me about possible causes and examined our beautiful baby with care. She decided to take blood tests and now we know that Katy has Hyperthyroidism. The odd coincidence is that I have thyroid issues too for Hypothyroidism and take meds for mine. She is taking meds twice a day and will go back soon for a kidney checkup.


When all was uncertain I worried for Katy and for my family. We have raised her with our boys, therefore she’s a huge part of their growing up experience. Our daughter in law and mother in law love her too. I don’t know how I’ll be when I lose my precious Katy but I know God will give me strength when I need it. She is doing well so I won’t worry about that now.


4. Do you have any trips planned for the future?

I don’t travel that much so when I plan on it, it’s very different and exciting! I just bought plane tickets for my mom and I to travel to Dallas, Texas for my nephews’ college graduation in the spring. We will spend four days and three nights with my brother David in the Oak Cliff community of the city.


I’ve been there once before about eight years ago when I went with my son Branden and my nephew Spencer. This photo is on the Southern Methodist University campus, where my brother David teaches History and is an assistant Dean of the Honors program. Left to right my nephew Spencer ( who will graduate college in May), my son Branden and my brother David.


Other future trips include some sort of get away for Tom and I for my 50th birthday in June. We also wish to visit our niece Jen in Montana sometime. We have a few  travel trips to look forward to!



I hope you enjoyed some facts about me from the present and the past. I wish you all a blessed week with your family and friends.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

16 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me part 2

  1. I did enjoy reading your random facts. That’s nice that you have that trip with your mom to look forward to. You are young. Hope your 50th celebration is a good one!

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  2. Mary, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! I loved hearing more about you and your family and career and life overall. 🙂 You have a great job – I bet the kids love you and that you’re a gift to them. Also, my heart goes out to you regarding Katy. I’ve had a cat who got sick and really hear you. ❤ I'll put her on a Prayer List.
    Blessings to you and your whole family, Mary!

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  3. It’s always nice to find out “facts” about people no matter what the relationship. Great idea for you and your co-workers to dress alike for Halloween – kids love that stuff. As a former teacher/librarian working in a school atmosphere is one of the best jobs you could have 🙂 Sorry about Katy – we are dog people and they were just like family.

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    1. Hi Judy, my husband is a dog person as well but he’s lost two in his life. I keep asking him I’d he’s ready for another but he’s not. The hurt of losing them is too much for him. That’s what we will go through with the cats too.


      1. I’ve lost 3 dogs; husky/lab mix, schnauzer and yellow lab. Molly, our yellow lab, tore me apart – I feel for your husband as no matter how bad I would like the company I won’t go through the pain again. So, I enjoy family and friends’ dogs 🙂

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  4. Loved reading this Mary, I think it’s a great idea to find out bits and bobs about other people behind their blogging worlds. It sounds like you do love your job and that’s a huge blessing. Yes, you are young and have age on your side, keep up the exercise, it’s so good for our bodies and our mental state for sure. I’m sorry about your kitty, I do hope things improve with time?

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  5. The Dominoes!!!!! So great! So fun to read Mary– I feel like I’ve been able to get to know you and your family over the years and that’s why I love this kind of post. So wonderful that you find so much satisfaction at work and have lovable team mates!! Great post! xox

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