An Ordinary Day


Good Monday morning to you all! I love browsing through my old posts for a revisit of what I wrote in past months and years. I found this post from a couple of years ago. Since it’s Monday, a dreaded day for many people who have to go back to work, I thought I would shower you with positive thoughts. The best kind of day is ordinary. Enjoy your ordinary Monday!


Blessings to you all ❤️

via An Ordinary Day

10 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day

    1. Rhonda, oh I love it when I have time to read. Lately I’ve been reading in bed and I really enjoy that. Do you have a special place to read? I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend, friend! Hugs😉❤️


      1. Hi Mary– I always read myself to sleep at night– and sometimes while I eat my lunch. It’s a lot easier to find time now that I’m retired! I know you are still in the thick of things working and taking care of family. Not to mention your big garden/yard! Hugs from here Mary!

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      2. Things have slowed down with gardening. Everything’s put to bed and we were hit with six inches of snow and ice yesterday…we had our first snow day! I read, blogged, baked pumpkin chocolate chip brownies and set up my wrapping station in the spare room. Yes, I usually don’t have extra time when I’m working. That’s why I enjoy the summers off. You must live being retired…you get to choose what YOU want to do!😀👍


      3. Hey Mary– you’re so right –that’s the best part of being retired, setting my own schedule. That and not feeling rushed all the time! Your snow day sound perfect (and well earned!). Did Tom go out to snow-plow?? And– Pumpkin chocolate chip brownies??! Will you share that recipe?? Stay cozy and snug! hugs friend!

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      4. I hope your Thanksgiving was special and that your family dinner was a hit! I know mine was perfect and the five of us kept laughing. A precious memory! Blessings to you, Rhonda.❤️😉💕


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