T is for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving thoughts and plans

are underway!

I’m thinking of roasted succulent

turkey and pumpkin pie

which I’ll indulge in on Thursday.

The cherry and pumpkin pies

will be  made in my kitchen.

One of the boys’ favorites,

apple crisp and my daughter in

law’s vegan cheesecake

is also on the dessert menu.

My heart is thankful                                             

while I’m praising God

for all my blessings.

Thank goodness

for my two sons

whom mean so very much to me,

my loving husband Tom 

and his thoughtful act of brewing my coffee every morn!

Thank the good Lord for bringing us

our new daughter in law Alexis

to share her life with Dylan!

As I pen these words,

thoughtless wild turkeys

traipse in mounds of snow

across the way…

little do they know Thanksgiving

is almost here!

This day will be extraordinary

in every way.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Wherever you may be or whatever you celebrate I wish you peace and love this day and every day! 


Mary 🦃❤️

18 thoughts on “T is for Thanksgiving

  1. What a happy post Mary– love the family photos! So glad both your guys could be there for at least part of the day!! All those desserts sound wonderful!! I’ve never made a cherry pie– but would love to try one! Fun post! xox

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    1. Good morning Rhonda, even with all the technology we have now, pictures are still priceless and I still love them printed. It’s easy to bake a cherry pie! I buy the cherry pie filling and put it in my homemade crust. I’ve made Tom his pie every Thanksgiving for over 22 years. His mom used to do it and handed it down to me. 💕❤️


      1. Hey Mary — we’ve thankfully had a little rain!! And my back yard is about a foo thick with leaves from the maple trees– love to look out and see the colors across the yard. Mostly it’s sunny and in the 70’s. Would love a white Christmas one year–think I’d find it back at our daugther’s house in Wisconsin! Merry Christmas!! xo

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