Netflix Suggestions Part II

We are fortunate to spend under $50 a month on television entertainment. Years ago we were fortunate enough to have our employer pay for our satellite tv. Back then cable wasn’t available in our neck of the woods and that was the best you had. Now many tv watchers are rethinking the high cost of cable and satellite services and are resorting to downstreaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to name a few. We have those three services as well as YouTube available on our PlayStation console. I’m happy to report my avid tv watching husband is completely satisfied with all the shows, something that worried me in the beginning.

Here are a few Netflix suggestions that are downstreaming currently.

Wonder ( this is on the dvd plan but also available on Amazon’s Prime)

A sentimental family film featuring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. It’s about fifth grade Auggie who has facial deformities and his loving family who supports him throughout. It’s based on the book and years ago I read it in school with fourth graders.

The Holiday Calendar

This movie is about a motivated photographer who is gifted a magical advent calendar. The calendar could lead her right to love. It’s a sweet holiday story with that Hallmark feel.

El Camino Christmas

This movie drew me in and I don’t usually like robberies or violent movies. I’m not sure if it was the acting and their interesting characters or bonds that are formed…all I know is that it was a good movie and very entertaining!

Julie & Julia

An oldie from 2009 but a great movie. It is about a woman who cooks up all of Julia Child’s recipes. Meryl Streep is fabulous in this! I would recommend this to you if you love to cook!

Big Miracle 

This flick is also an oldie from 2010 starring Drew Barrymore. She is a reporter who writes about stranded whales in the Article Circle. Based on true events, the US and USSR work on rescuing the whales. A good family movie!

This time of year I get my Christmas movies out to compliment Netflix. Every weekend and some week nights I choose one to watch in front of our Christmas tree. Yesterday I chose A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. I remember long ago as a teenager watching it and loving his acting. It’s a calming way to indulge in a hot cup of coffee in my comfy armchair. Within the next few weeks I’ll view It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone and I’ll Be Home for Christmas. 

What movies do you watch this time of year?Are you also bypassing cable tv and opting for downstreaming apps? 

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

8 thoughts on “Netflix Suggestions Part II

  1. Hi Mary– Now that we’re home from Thanksgiving, I’m ready for Christmas movies!! And Ani & I watched Julie & Julia last week! I read the book and really didn’t like the Julie character much– but the movie made her much more likable and who wouldn’t love Meryl Streep as Juila Child??! Hope you’re staying snug and warm!! xox

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    1. We are warm with our wood burning stove. We have lots of snow and it seems early but it’s lovely for the Christmas season! I just wish it would slow down so Tom could rest. How is your family doing? What Christmas movies do you love?😍💕


      1. Sounds Cozy!! Hope Tom gets a break!! We’re doing well– driving up to San Francisco this week for an early Christmas with our Aaron and Jessica and kids. Then home to get ready for the other kids to come in. How about you??! xox friend!

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      2. Hi Rhonda, Tom has had a bit of rest as it hasn’t snowed in a week or so. He’s been hunting on his days off but the season is coming to an end soon. He hunts with our son Dylan in our town. Enjoy your early Christmas with the kids!!!My house is decorated, tree up and trimmed, cookies baked, some presents wrapped…preparations have begun!😁💕


  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I want to sign up for Netflix. I enjoy the British shows I can get there. Cable TV is not an option for us where we live but we do have Satellite TV. This time of year music is what we pull out over Christmas movies.

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