Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

This is my favorite coffee cake recipe. I posted it last January and it seemed popular. When I make it memories flood back.



I missed making this treat for Christmas so managed to get it done this weekend.




I remember that many years ago my mom made a cream cheese Bisquick Raspberry coffee cake for Christmas morning. She had a special book in the eighties with the recipe and now my sister has the book. It’s a delicious and easy coffee cake to try for your family.

I don’t usually buy Bisquick but I do especially for this delicious coffee cake!




I’ve made it several Christmases, switching the raspberry jam for strawberry and it still had the same delicious taste! It’s been a few Christmases since I’ve made this , so this weekend I decided to try it again. It’s yummy warm and accompanied with a cup of coffee.

The recipe- Bisquick Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

You will need for the cake:

1 ( 3 oz) pkg…

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13 thoughts on “Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

  1. What a yummy post! Don’t you love making recipes that you’ve had in the family for years?? I always make my Aunt Mary Ann;s Cranberry Bars. And on Christmas night after all the hub bub is done, we make a little Spanish supper to remember our Spain days. It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Merry Christmas friend!

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      1. I hope so! I may ask my brother in law pointers, as he’s made it many times. I’m serving with it twice baked potatoes, spinach fruit salad with walnuts, popovers and chocolate cake for dessert. What are you making for Christmas dinner?xoxo🎁🎄❤️


      2. Oh gosh Mary– that all sounds luscious!! I usually try to go “fancy” for our big Christmas lunch with our parents and kids– but this year I’m trying to keep it simple. So we’re having lasagna and big chopped salad & bread, with Chocolate Cranberry cake for dessert. Hope you had the best Christmas Mary! xo

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