Annual Cookie Day!

If you read my blog posts often you may already know that my family has an annual cookie day. I enjoy hosting my mom, my sister Barb and my niece and goddaughter Ella Kate. Everyone brings a chosen cookie dough, their special cookie cutters and extra cookie pans to work with. Anything goes…most years Barb brings old picture albums for us to peruse. Ella Kate brought paper angels to decorate and lovingly put one on my Christmas tree. We bake, reminisce of past Christmas memories, listen to angelic Christmas songs and drink cocktails. This year we drank mimosas and last year it was homemade egg nog. I get out my special Christmas wine glasses for our drinks. 

This year my mom made gingerbread men with her granddaughter decorating them with her. Barb brought sugar cookie dough while I made chocolate and peppermint kiss thumbprints. 

Although Ella Kate had a little cold and was tired, I think she enjoyed herself. I asked her to check my advent calendar and get out December 8th and hang it on the little tree. She liked that and found my snuggly bear my mom made me years ago.

All in all the day was happy and joyous! I wish for us to continue every Christmas with love. I wish you, my friends, much happiness with your holiday traditions. Old and new traditions are moments to cherish! 

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️😇

My advent tree that I bought from QVC years ago. 
Today’s miniature tree ornament is a Santa with a tree in hand. 

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