Nurturing Your Pet During the Holidays 😻

Around the hectic but thrilling Thanksgiving season I started noticing my pets’ anxiety heighten. The holidays are usually a season of rush and stress for humans but do you know that this rubs off on your precious pets? I’m thinking of ways to alleviate that strain for your fur babies. 

  • Try to keep your daily rituals with feeding and snuggling the same
  • Make sure your pets are eating healthy and drinking plenty of fresh water. Don’t give chocolate or sweets to them as they can be toxic. 
  • Have quiet moments throughout the week without company, loud music or television so the fur babies can rest. 
  • Provide play toys for cats and chew toys for dogs to entertain them
  • If you have sleepover guests, make sure your pets have their same sleeping spot
  • Keep poinsettias away from pets. Poinsettias are said to be toxic to your pets. If leaves are ingested, it could induce vomiting or drooling. That’s enough for me to not have the plants around. 

Remember that during the stressful rush of the holidays your pets are stressed too. Try to keep their life as normal as possible. Nuture and love them too!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 😻🐶

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