Boosting Confidence Tips

Tips to boost confidence

1 Write a list of what you are good at, strengths

2Write your achievements

3 Think positively about yourself for you are special

4 Take good care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep

5 Do something you’ve been putting off, something you’re dreading. It will feel great

6 Set yourself a challenge that you can realistically complete

7 Be nice to people and do nice things for them

8 Spend some time with those who you enjoy

9 Avoid people and places that make you feel bad 

10 Choose to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses 

My beautiful sister- in- law Bev and I at Thanksgiving. She always boosts my confidence and makes me feel proud to be myself. Thanks for believing in me, Bev!❤️

Ideas from Town & country magazine & Red book 

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️🎄

9 thoughts on “Boosting Confidence Tips

  1. So important every one of them – there are times in one’s life though where you go through ups and downs and don’t feel as confident as other times. Those are great reminders, I’ll have to make a mental note of them 🙂

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