It Truly is a Wonderful Life!

Have you ever seen It’s a Wonderful Life ? If you haven’t you must take time and see Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in this classic that plays every holiday season. I have both the color and black white dvd versions and watch both, depending on my mood. It’s an inspirational movie, a simple story of George Bailey who had an itch to leave his hometown of Bedford Falls but fate had other plans for him.

Its greatest lesson is realizing that you inspire and affect people around you and without you, their life could be quite different in a negative way. It certainly puts my life in focus, that regardless of my life’s problems ,it truly is a wonderful life! Every time I watch this flick, it gently reminds me that I’m truly grateful for all the experiences of my life! It hasn’t always been easy, but God doesn’t promise that. But he does pledge that he will carry you through. Every single day is a gift and with the faith as small as a mustard seed you can steamroll through.

Tonight by the colored lights of my tree and blazing fire I watched. I still choke up during the bridge scene towards the end when George says, “ Dear God, I want to live again. Please let me live again.” Then it starts magically snowing. I smiled as his family and friends gathered around to help when he was in trouble. Mostly I thanked God for this life and everyone special in it who has enhanced it. I am grateful for this movie and how it makes me feel. Thanks, Frank Capra.

My family, my young sons and husband years ago

All My Best,

Mary ❤️🎄

4 thoughts on “It Truly is a Wonderful Life!

    1. We did, it was a beautiful day and it was even better that Tom didn’t have to work. We don’t stay up for midnight, but sometimes my son wakes me up for a toast. I hope you can stay up, invite friends or family to spend time with you. 🎉🎉🎉


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