What I’m Proud Of This Year

My son Branden and I at a Christmas party

This year I decided to start living and eating healthy. Instead of multiple snacks and sweets I chose fruit, vegetables, hummus, portion control and little sweet treats every once in awhile. I’ve been meaning to switch to healthy food options for years but I never truly followed through.

My family and I playing with the iPad timer!

I’m proud of my 22 pound weight loss! It’s taken months of exercising and hard work. The hardest season is this one, the holidays, when everyone seems to gift food and give their permission to indulge. I may have taken a few steps back and gained a pound or a few more but now I’m getting back on track and continuing my progress.

My husband Tom relaxing and watching the kids opening presents

This year, like all years, I’m extremely proud of my family and new additions. My husband worked hard all year and played just as hard during hunting season. He hung in there while I was going through my difficult time and he supported me throughout. Every year my love and respect grows for him and I’m proud to say that I’m his wife.

My oldest son, Dylan, started his grown up life and married his sweetheart in August. He wrote his own vows and snuck in a David Ortiz comment and his coming back in the ALS series in 2004 ( if you are a Red Sox fan you may remember that walk- off home run). He landed a new maintenance job in a successful wire making company and works down the street from us. I’m not only proud of his choices and accomplishments but of the gentle man he has become! He is kind, honest and funny, the type of guy people want around.

Dylan and Alexis on their wedding day

My youngest son, Branden transferred colleges smoothly, rented an apartment with his girlfriend and had a successful fall semester. My mom and I went to pick him up and he showed us his college building. We even got to meet one of his professors. Branden and his girlfriend Jojo took us to the Shaking Crab restaurant in Cambridge. We enjoyed a scrumptious seafood lunch and great company! I am proud of the man Branden has become as well. He is also kind, giving and supportive of Jojo.

This year my family got to know Emma Jo, my son’s girlfriend. She is talented, beautiful, kind and caring and I’m thankful that she is in Branden’s life. Soon she will visit us for a few days, something Bran and all of us are looking forward to. The last time she stayed here our house was chaotic with Dylan’s wedding, but this time it will be more relaxing and she and my son can celebrate their Christmas together.

My son Branden and his girlfriend Emma Jo

In August I gained a beautiful daughter- in- law and friend in Lexy. She works hard at her job, volunteers at a crisis hotline and is highly motivated. She finished her college degree this last year. Lexy is a person to be proud of, for her beautiful and kind spirit lights up a room. She listens and cares. She gives to others. She is the best daughter- in- law that you could have and my family and I are blessed to have her!

Dylan and Lexy and their Charlie Brown tree

This year was not perfect. I had obsessive anxiety and jealousy that made me resort to hard work and counseling. It had been coming for a few years and I never dealt with it, like I should have. I feel like I’m on the other side and my soul is healed. Thank God for His interventions and carry through!

Tom carving our prime rib for Christmas dinner. I’m not sure why he carved it on the plate but it worked out okay.

I’m proud of my decision to go to counseling, which wasn’t easy. It’s humbling to put all the messy stuff out there and let a stranger work through it. It all paid off in the end and my confidence level is up.

I’m proud of my transformation inside and out. I’ll tell you that I made personal progress with confidence and self esteem, but I still have work to do. Like anyone, I’m always learning about myself. Life isn’t perfect nor am I! But my wish is to continue striving for a better life and with God’s guidance, I can keep growing.

This year 2018 had special moments, our son’s wedding, family visits from Florida, a few fun music concerts, a special Thanksgiving at home as well as Christmas. We grew another healthy garden, with more rows of sweet corn for the winter months. I made roasted tomatoes and homemade spaghetti sauce and we are still using it, lovely reminders of the summer. This summer we grew towering and beautiful sunflowers. They were a sight to see when passing by and I plan to grow them again next year. Tom worked more on our house, buckling up the backside and shingled the other side. All in all it was a great year with many highlights. I look forward to 2019 and I welcome whatever comes our way, for we are strong and will handle anything.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! I hope you have special things to be proud of this year! 🎉🎉🎉

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 🎉💕

20 thoughts on “What I’m Proud Of This Year

  1. Great to catch up with what happened in 2018. Pardon my ignorance, but what is obsessive anxiety? I’m so thrilled that whatever it was, you sought help and are well on the road to recovery. You’ve had a busy year with a wedding, as have I 🙂 Here’s to good wishes for a healthy and happy New Year 2019. xo

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    1. Hi Loretta, obsessive anxiety was my coined phrase. I have anxiety in many corners of my life as well as extreme jealousy in my marriage. ( on my part) It all stems from low self esteem,something I’ve always battled. My husband gives me no reason to worry, it’s all in my head. Anyway I think I’ve worked through it and next year it will be in my past. Happy New year to you and yours. Thanks for staying in touch!🎉🎉🎉🎉💕


  2. Oh Mary what a beautiful post! I’m so proud of you for the weight loss, and for going to counseling. You really are taking care of yourself and that is such a gift to give to yourself. I hear you that it wasn’t the easiest decision to make, and you did it. With God’s guidance. 🙂 Sending Light and support for your continued Self-discovery.

    I’m also so happy for you with all the developments this year with your family, and for getting a new daughter-in-law (and meeting Branden’s girlfriend too). Lots of blessings!

    Mary, happy New Year! I wish for you a 2019 full of joy, abundance, wisdom, and compassion. I’m grateful for you.

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    1. Good morning Debbie, thank you for reading and commenting on my post! It means so much to me! It’s been quite a journey but believing in myself and getting out there where it’s uncomfortable has made a difference. Life is messy, period. But we can heal our lives through love, joy and confidence. Happy New Year, friend!🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️

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