Kitchen Baking/ Cooking Tips

My kitchen has turned into my sweet little refuge lately. It is huge now with plenty of space to cook or bake. Since I have ample room, I have decorated it with inviting elements that speak to me. As I cook or bake, the winter light seeps into my tall windows. My twinkly lights play their magic as I enjoy the calm space. Glorious heat from the oven makes the kitchen toasty, especially welcoming in chilly January! Being in my kitchen brings me tremendous joy!

In our last house our kitchen was a tight galley space, one that I adapted to, but never really loved. That lack of space, especially counter space, made any cooking or baking task a huge challenge. Now I have a 26 x 14 sized room, enough room to host a family cooking and talking. I have plenty of counter space as well as a bar top, where sometimes I cool baked goods on.

If you feel like your kitchen space isn’t welcoming or peaceful you may want to change that. There are simple things you can do to create a kitchen that you love. I’m working on another post focusing on kitchen ambience so be on the lookout.

Lately I’ve noticed some quick and easy baking and cooking tips that I’ve started using and have aided me as I work.

Try covering top of mixer with a dish towel, when adding puffy flour, otherwise flour will sift all over counter.

Store all your Kitchen Aid attachments in the bowl where they are easy to access. I have my bowl lined with a dish cloth as well.

Place spoon rest next to work area and have paper towels handy.

Cool cookies on racks. I have one with legs and one flat one, a double decker.

The m & m cookies I made for work and the school kids

Place in airtight plastic containers instead of cookie jars. That keeps them fresh. Instead stash packaged candy in the jar or your cookie cutter collection.

Place a fresh piece of bread with cookies to maintain moisture and soften cookies. This works great for me!

Place brown sugar in air tight container. It’s so annoying to try to soften it while you are immersed in a recipe!

Have soapy dishwater ready for cooking and baking dishes, pots and pans.

For a busy family holiday meal, call upon the guys to help with heavy pots and lifting. Tom and my brother-in-law Chris were a great help to Bev and I at Thanksgiving. They helped lift the big pot of gravy.

The guys helping with the gravy and soon after we had a sink of dishes.

I found that having the oven on to help dough rise helps. Place on top of stove with damp kitchen cloth.

Plan your baking times, if needed, bake on different days so items don’t rest too long waiting for the oven. On Christmas Eve my cinnamon rolls rose too big ( they still came out delicious but they rose out of the baking pan) while I was baking the chocolate cake. It would have been handy to have two oven chambers!

I am curious what valuable kitchen tips you practice often. Please share with me, for I’m always looking for cheats to make cooking and baking easier.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 😀

19 thoughts on “Kitchen Baking/ Cooking Tips

  1. Great tips! Looks like you have an “open” cabinet concept in your kitchen. I bet that helps keep you organized and clean. I think I would have to clean out my cabinets if they didn’t have doors on – LOL! I am the queen of shoving things behind cabinet and closet doors. 🙂

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    1. Good morning Jodi, Tom never got the cupboard doors so that’s why I settled for the open concept. I like it but yes, you have to try to keep it organized all the time! I used to stash things in the cupboard too! Happy days!😀❤️

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  2. Unlike your kitchen, we’ve gone from having a massive kitchen to a galley sized one since we downsized 6 years ago. A pantry plays a large part in the storage of many appliances. We tend not to store any appliances on the countertop. Still, it all works and we still entertain a lot. It’s amazing what one can do with so little space, the good news about the kitchen is we have a ton of counter space which really helps. It looks like you have everything where you want it, so that’s great. I also find turntables or lazy susans (not sure what they are called), work wonders to store all your spices in the cabinets. A good topic for discussion. 🙂

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    1. Good morning Loretta, we used to have a pantry and that saved me for storing a lot there, same as you. Counter space is so important when cooking or baking so that’s good you have plenty. I love the turntables idea! Happy days!😉🌈

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  3. I’m sure I have some tips I could share if I thought about it. When you mentioned letting dough rise – I often will turn on the light in my oven, cover the bread and let it rise in a nice cozy environment. Sometimes I even turn the oven on briefly first 🙂

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      1. Yes, I do. It seems to provide enough warmth but not too much to make the dough rise. However, turning the oven on at a low temp for a short time (then turning it off) can make the dough rise too much. I usually just use the light… Have a nice day Mary 🙂

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  4. Hi how’s your weather? It has been lightly snowing and icing here on our seacoast. After reading your post I am hungry and I will try hard to stay on track with an apple and poached eggs but would prefer your cooking 🙂

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    1. Good morning Eunice, it has been icy but mild. Today we are supposed to get a snowstorm with snow and ice. My problem is that I’m supposed to pick up my son’s girlfriend at the train station in White River Junction. I don’t think Vermont takes good care of route 91. I’m praying she changes her ticket or it steers clear off us. Your apple and poached eggs sound yummy!😀😍

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      1. 🙂

        Hope you made the trip safely the north country is getting hammered. We are ice covered and the wind had been crazy but seems we will miss the block buster this Sunday good thing we have a game to play.
        Today Steel cut oats and wild Maine Blueberries that should get me fired up for purging and painting 🙂

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  5. I have an electric convection oven. To warm it slightly for proofing bread and rolls I turn it on for a minute then turn it off but leave the oven light on. It is a 40W incandescent bulb and warms the oven nicely in the winter months in Ohio.

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