Cleaning The Fridge

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning your refrigerator? Then you are like me! Join the club of many who know an organized and clean fridge is a must but honestly it’s on the bottom of the priority list. So I’m writing this to share my thoughts and hope to revitalize this chore and get it done soon!

Many times I use up leftover meats and side dishes ( see my leftovers post), but there are the times a dish gets pushed back of the lot to make room. Those times it’s pretty much forgotten until we run out of room and then I have to haul the unused dishes out. Usually it’s frozen( I’ve tried to adjust the cold settings and no matter what items tend to freeze in the back if our fridge) and marked and dated on the lid.

It’s a good idea to check the shelves once a week and I do hope I can follow my own advice. Heave old food that’s outdated. Label leftovers with a date and use within a few days, to not exceed a week. I keep a sharpie marker in my kitchen so it’s handy to label leftovers.


A good time to clean the fridge is when it’s empty, before you grocery shop. Take all the condiments and goods out. Wash the shelves with soapy water with baking soda. Dry with a towel and place back in. Take bins and egg crates out as well and plunge in the soapy sink. Place a new box of baking soda on the shelf to absorb odors. Replace every few months.

To prevent messes from spills, line your fridge shelves with wax paper. Once they are dirty or food ridden, either wipe off or throw away. Plastic wrap works as well but I prefer the wax paper.

If you practice doing this every month, your refrigerator won’t be a shameful embarrassment but organized and clean. Whenever I have company I hope they won’t open my fridge. True sentiments. Eek! You never know what’s living in there!

Let’s work on this together…clean your fridge and see how GREAT and organized  it looks and you’ll feel GREAT because of it!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

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