A Mama’s Joy

A mama’s joy lies with her children

no matter what their age

It grows stronger each dayT

It is an unconditional love that shapes her life

that keeps her heart settled and content

A mama’s joy is seeing her grown children thriving

as her memories of their young years remain strong

A mamas hope is that she raised them well

because she gave it her all

and even then she wonders if it was enough

Her prayers day and night revolve around their well being

and their health and safety

Branden and his girlfriend Emma Jo

A mamas joy is her beautiful family

her devoted husband

her children’s spouses that have become part of the family

Newly married Dylan and Alexis
My young sons so many years ago

Branden making mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving

One of my favorite photos of Dylan and Lexy
Another memory of my so s with the Lion’s Club Santa

This mama adores my children, daughter- in- law and my son’s girlfriend very much! Many of my posts revolve around them, what they are doing and how they’ve grown into wonderful people!

Are you a proud mama too? Are your children a huge source of your joy?

I hope you all are having a great week and if you’re where it’s bitterly cold, I pray you are warm and toasty!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

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