How I Transformed a Dislike into a Love ❤️

Can you tell that I enjoy cooking now?

For many years cooking for my family unfortunately was one of my disliked chores. It’s not that I didn’t love serving my family but every day and night I had to rack my brain of meal ideas and then magically throw them together for their consumption. It was the constant pressure of having it done by 5:30 or 6 and no matter what was happening with the kids, it just had to be on the table for all. I can imagine many of you busy moms feel the same way, right?

Fresh sliced tomatoes. Yum!

With that said, the last six months I’ve noticed a change from dread to excitement with a burst of creativity. It may be because there’s just the two of us now or the fact that I wanted to transform these feelings from dread to desire. It happened slowly at first. My flourishing garden produced fresh herbs, greens, carrots and tomatoes ( to name a few), kindling my interest in cooking. As you may know, mastering delicious and healthy meals depends on fresh ingredients!

My garden from last summer!

I would pick the ingredients in the afternoon for supper that night. It was straight from our rich soil to the dinner plate. This excited me beyond belief that I was homesteading in some ways! The food started tasting more delicious, for with freshly grown ingredients and locally raised meat how could you go wrong? I experimented with pungent Basil, sassy Cilantro and lemon Thyme.

My youngest son was greatly influenced by this, learning the herb names and cutting his own for his cooking creations. His interest intensified mine and my love for cooking grew even more! There were a few summer meals we co- cooked, which was so much fun!

My veggie harvest for my dinner!

With a positive and creative outlook, my disliked chore is a loved one now! I think I got tired of the dread hanging over me and I wanted to feel good about creating dinner! Now I plan ahead with the ingredients, read cookbooks, browse Pinterest and borrow recipes from my blogging friends, all to craft delicious meals for my family. I’m truly grateful for making this change and turning meal time into love! Wow, the food tastes more delicious because of my new passion!

Is there a household chore you dread and dislike? Could you put some imagination and creativity into it to make it fun and rewarding? Can you make a game of it? Is there a way you can have fun doing it by listening to a podcast or your favorite music? Whatever it is, I do hope you can beautify this chore to something incredible!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

13 thoughts on “How I Transformed a Dislike into a Love ❤️

  1. Nice post Mary – I sometimes wonder if I should have pursued a culinary/gardening career (which are hobbies) instead of teaching/librarian. I love to cook and use fresh herbs/veggies when possible like you do. The one household chore I absolutely hate is “doing the dishes”. I need an assistant to follow me around and clean up as I go along LOL

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    1. Hi Judy, you could still do something with cooking, teaching, etc, cookbooks? It sounds like it’s a special hobby to you. I suggest having a soapy sink waiting for the dishes or load the dishwasher right away. I hate doing dishes up too.


  2. Mary, this is so great! Your garden is beautiful, as are the tomatoes in the photo. (They pop off the page with goodness.)

    I love that you wrote “I wanted to transform these feelings from dread to desire.”
    To me, the thing that gets me up and going is how much I want to do something. The “how to do it” always falls into place.

    Love your blog, Mary. So great to come and see how things are going, and to see your smiling face with that turkey!

    Blessings to you and your family — and that great garden. ❤ ❤
    Love and Light,

    ps – one of the coaches I've worked with is really entertaining and wise. He creates these short podcasts with simple tips to improve life. One is called "How To v. Want To". I can send it to you if you think you'd enjoy it! You can email me if you'd like to —

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  3. this is a joyous story I too fell into a new cooking spell after I began to watch you tube more often and found amazing recipes to try out. fresh ingredients add to the delight. your garden must be a treat. must start growing my own to copy your good hard work


    1. Hi Daksha, it sure is, my garden helps me plan healthy meals and all I have to do is go out there minutes before and pick fresh vegetables and herbs. YouTube must have all kinds of cooking shows to enjoy!❤️🌈


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