Being Grateful for Challenges

I’m at the point of my life that I appreciate and accept challenges that arise on this rollercoaster of life. Trying trials and challenges are meant to be written in my story. They present difficulties to overcome and conquer, all that test my heart, my perseverance and strength. These are all God’s gifts, part of his master plan for us to grow inwardly, to accept in our lives and thrive once we’ve overcome the hurdles.

Every challenge in my life have taught me unique lessons, ones that I carry with me everyday. They’ve been sewn into my cloth, embedded in my inner soul and have made my path sweeter and smoother. The nerve damage injury I had for two years, the horrifying enclosed MRI test that taught me that I have a phobia of closed dark spaces. Even so I talked myself into enduring the annoying and terrifying test. It taught me right away that I can do anything that I set my mind to do!

I’m grateful for difficulties and tests because each time I made it to the top, with the help of God of course! I am much stronger than I ever knew or expected. Much of my life I haven’t known myself, adopting a sweet but meek persona. That’s okay. It’s how I survived but now I know myself better, relying on my strength to guide me. I’ve risen higher than I ever have due to my strength. It ( with the Lords help) equals steel, a permanent fixture, something that I intend to nurture and maintain.

The next time you face an unpredictable difficulty that brings you to your knees, remember that “ this too shall pass” and that it could have happened for a reason. Any adversity in your path will surely build a wall of strength. Life holds not only pleasant times but tough moments, a patchwork of sweet and sour memories. Without hard challenges we wouldn’t appreciate the joys in life!

Have a blessed week and as you maneuver through your days, have faith that the stresses and challenges are fleeting. These hard moments will fade but the lessons they provide will build you into who you are meant to be…strong!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕🥰

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