Love, Not Label

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LOVE and not label…it sounds easy enough. No matter how simple it seems, the way we have lived goes against this principle. Throughout my life I’ve heard family, friends model stereotyping people and labeling them, speaking words such as, “ religious”, “ bitchy”, “ bossy”, “ self absorbed”. You get the idea of labeling, right? Maybe you do this too out of habit and possibly self preservation to protect yourself from other personalities. After all our world we experience hosts multiple personalities to understand and keep up with.

My son and his girlfriend Jojo

I’ve read about this before and tried to live by this guideline. Whenever someone rubbed me the wrong way, I would chalk it up to differences between us and try to shrug off the hurt instead of taking it personally. But doing this takes patience. It also means you have to practice self- talk quite a bit to walk the walk and live by this. Because once you start labeling people it continues and becomes part of your routine.

I stumbled upon this quote from Ann Voskamp on Pinterest, triggering these thoughts again. Maybe I should practice this again whole heartedly. The maybe will be definitely, for I don’t wish to live my life judging others. I truly believe most of us do the best that we can or know at the time.

This is a thought for today…do you label others automatically? If you do, perhaps you didn’t realize that you were doing it. Try smothering people with unconditional love and not labels. After all, isn’t that the way you wish to be treated?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 🥰

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