Repotted Beauties

I think I’ll have butternut squash, zucchini and summer squash earlier this year, a few weeks ahead of my usual harvest. Here it is in mid April and I have repotted these beauties. They’re vivacious and healthy with rich green leaves. I’ve made sure to water them everyday, set them in sunlight and put the grow lights on them a few hours a day. All I need to do is keep them thriving until our greenhouse is up next month and then around Memorial Day we will plant them in our garden.

Early in the morning I enthusiastically rise to check on their growth. It gives me a deep peaceful tranquility to have them. The same goes for my garden outside in the summer. There’s a profound purpose growing living things…beautiful plants that will reap fresh vegetables for our consumption. I can’t imagine a more rewarding hobby fit for me, as feeding my family makes me content and proud.

This morning I thank God for my ability to learn more about inside gardening and possibly share some of my plants with others. I wish you all have a hobby that speaks such calm whispers to you, that spark a live fire within you and touch your soul. I have found this with gardening and writing.

Have a wonderful day and indulge in an activity that brings positive light to your life.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

15 thoughts on “Repotted Beauties

  1. I live in Michigan and I always start the veggies you mentioned in June right in the ground in hills – never inside. Tomatoes, peppers and such I start inside… Good for you to try – I do know the plants look “leggy” – means they need more light. I grew my plants under lights for about 15 hours a day. Nothing compares to Mother Nature’s sun 🙂

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    1. Good morning Judi, yes I know they are leggy but I don’t want to leave the lights on when we are at work as they get hot. Even so I think they’ll be okay but far ahead from the plants I usually plant in June. We are going to try to plant them in late May. Have a wonderful weekend!😊


      1. I never had trouble with the lights – I had some gro lights upstairs and actually shop lights in the basement and left them on a long time. I wasn’t always home either. Enjoy the holiday Mary – family is coming here for brunch 🙂


  2. For me I have way too many hobbies that I enjoy but gardening and more so growing my own veggies is one I absolutely love. There is nothing more satisfying than picking the harvest from your own garden!

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