Las Vegas Vacation Part 2

The Paris Hotel and Casino Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas.

In this post I continue to share details from my recent Las Vegas vacation. After seeing the amazing Bellagio Fountains, we ventured over across the boulevard to see the Paris Hotel and Casino with the Eiffel Tower observation deck. Like the other casinos we toured, there were colorful fancy carpets, a slew of slot machines and people everywhere.

The inside of the Hotel leading to the elevator of the Eiffel Tower observation deck.

We both decided we would enjoy going up in the elevator in the Eiffel Tower to see the lit up city at night. We paid for our tickets and walked up the stairs and through this enchanting walkway mimicking a French bridge. The wait was only a few minutes and then we boarded the elevator. In only 30 seconds we were whisked up with fleeting sights of the neon signs that lined the strip.

Through metal bars one could gaze at the vibrant lights…what the Las Vegas strip is known for. A heavy screen held the observer back but lets in the cool night air. Every few feet there was a square hole( a break in the bars to take pictures) where you could fit your phone in to snap photos. Walking around the deck, you could get a different perspective of the city every few feet. The Flamingo, Caesar’s Palace and the High Roller at the Linq all glowed with an alluring radiance.

You can stay up on the observation deck as long as you wish. We stayed about twenty minutes and then joined the line of people that wrapped around the deck headed back down. I must admit that I panicked slightly when I saw how long the line was for the elevator. I asked myself, “ What do we do if we NEED to go down as soon as possible?” Then I calmed myself just as quickly. All is well. God is good.

I grew up in the seventies and used to watch the Donny and Marie Osmond show every Friday night. Marie was a little bit country and Donny a little bit rock and roll, I remember these lyrics from one of their songs. They are presently playing at the Flamingo. I had to snap this photo of them…they look the very same as they did so long ago!

This is where we stayed, Harrah’s.

I took this photograph from one of the many pedestrian walking bridges overlooking the strip. At just about each block an escalator goes up to a walking bridge. With all the energetic walking, we were relieved to rest our legs on the moving escalators!

A lovely sight at Caesar’s Palace

On Wednesday morning we took the bus southbound to The Luxor Hotel. There was the Titanic Exhibit our niece Bri had told us about. If you are interested in this history of the Titanic that sunk near Halifax, you must not miss this! I couldn’t get photos as they are not allowed. As we started for the bus, this adorable fountain in front of Caesar’s Palace caught my eye. Isn’t it gorgeous?

At the beginning of the Titanic experience you are handed a boarding card with a passenger’s name on it. As you follow the exhibit you may read about your person and a short biography of his/ her life. The last display of the exhibit reveals all the passengers’ names and if they survived or not. My female passenger was 22 and newly married. She survived but sadly her husband did not. Tom’s passenger, a male captain, died. Many men died as mostly women and children were saved on the few life boats.

While walking through the exhibit, I felt sorrow consume me as broken dishes and teacups were on display. A comb, a mirror with an ivory handle, a chamber pot all brought me back in time. Many objects from bedrooms and the kitchen showed their age as well as the underwater damage.

In front of the Luxor


The cost of the Titanic tickets was worth it…even though seeing the monstrous part of the mid ship was devastating, it brought us to a place of understanding. It was humbling to learn more and see discovered artifacts from the shipwreck. I should have said a prayer for peace while we were there, but didn’t think of it.

My next post I’ll share my thoughts on Circus Du Soleil The Beatles Love show as well as our trip to Hoover Dam.

I hope you all are having an amazing week!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 😘

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