My Nephew’s College Graduation

I love this picture of Spence and I. I had to wear this jacket as my dress was sleeveless and it was so cold!

Hi everyone! I just got back from Dallas, Texas from a four day stay to celebrate my nephew Spencer’s college graduation from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He graduated with honors and fortunately already has a full time job at Sewell, selling fancy cars in Dallas!

My mom and I traveled together and stayed with my older brother David in the Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas. David was a key player in Spencer’s college career, mentoring him throughout. Their relationship is a positive one, one that has benefitted both of them. What a blessing.

I have to say my mom and I were shocked that the weather in Texas was rainy, damp and cool with the temperatures in the fifties. Unfortunately we packed clothes appropriate for warm and pleasant weather. For two days we were wet and cold, going to graduation ceremonies. Needless to say we learned a valuable lesson to bring clothes for cooler weather next time!

The party crew posing in front of the Lamb House.

My brother threw a grand party at his house named The Lamb House from the old days. Spencer’s entire family attended, his mom, stepdad, stepsister, sisters, brother, his dad, grandma, me, and his girlfriend and her family. We all ate delicious food such as asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and shrimp cocktail. A buttercream frosted strawberry sheet cake was scrumptious…calling my name. I devoured two small pieces and some frosting, not feeling too guilty as I really haven’t had cake in months.

There were champagne toasts, a beautiful and proud speech from Spencer, music and dancing and kids playing with David and Farhad’s dogs. What a party it was and a special memory for us all!

David and Farhad’s back yard is a sanctuary in the midst of a nice neighborhood. This peaceful garden is one that I would be in everyday if I could. Upon going out the back door from the kitchen, one spies big terra cotta pots with vivid pink geraniums. Step down into a brick patio with fine metal chairs and flowers lacing the perimeter. High fences enclose you in, with flowing green vines draped over them. ( This gave me inspiration for our back yard near our deck we will build this summer) A grand fountain pool holds a few monstrous goldfish. Ella Kate and her cousin Jackson liked watching them and sitting on its edge. Beyond that stands an enchanting woman statue, plunging you into another time.

Isn’t she beautiful?
From the Botanical Gardens. The theme was focused on children!

There were some difficulties of this trip, especially the weather in different ways. The cool and damp days and our cancelled flight on Mother’s Day. Mom and I were supposed to travel that day back to the east coast so we could catch a bus at Logan Airport in Boston and then I would drive us further north to home. I didn’t check the flight status so we got to the airport to see it was cancelled. The next available flight was landing after midnight, not good for my 75 year old mother. We decided to catch the next mornings flight, one that my sister’s family was booked on.

The extra day turned into a gift, one of copious sunshine and warm temperatures. Farhad had a great idea to take us to the Botancial Gardens in Dallas for Mother’s Day. We fought traffic, cars everywhere…perhaps they all were celebrating too. Acres of stunning colors appealed to the eyes, pinks and yellows, yellows and deep blues and purples that were like clusters of fruity grapes.

My brother David, Farhad, my mom and I had a quiet lunch of quiche, chicken salad nested in a plate of greens and cold water. We sat outside in a courtyard indulging in our lunch and of course we people watched a bit too.

The next morning mom and I said our goodbyes and headed back home on our Southwest flight. The trip flew by so fast! I’m so proud of my nephew and thrilled that my mom and I could go to witness him graduate and to celebrate too!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

8 thoughts on “My Nephew’s College Graduation

  1. How very nice that you could travel to enjoy this milestone accomplishment. Glad the glitch in travel turned out for all of you for a beautiful extra day and time together. Lovely photos! Have a nice weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Ellen, I was happy to help my mom travel and that we were able to go. It was mere days between my Las Vegas trip! I’m doing yard work and cleaning up my garden this weekend. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 😀🌞


    1. Oh Judi, your trip sounds like ours! It was so unexpected! My brother said the spring is stormy and there are more tornados then! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!😉👍


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