Window Box Glory

Good morning friends! Last weekend I was in my glory as I planted our window boxes that adorn the front of our little cedar shingled Cape. Tom helped by repairing a couple of the boxes and then hung them up for me. I poured the Miracle Gro soul in and nestled each flower in. This year I’m wondering if I placed enough flowers in and I may add another two Petunias to each box.

Now as I go about my day I can enjoy the deep red geraniums and pinkish purple Petunias smiling at me. Teensy white Bicopas drape over the sides. A growing Spike completes the arrangement. Long ago Tom’s employer Mrs. Geneen had this same flower mix in her boxy planters on her patio. A few years ago she passed away and soon after we moved off her property into our own house. Our first year of planting the boxes Tom and I decided to continue Mrs. G’s tradition every summer. It’s our little remembrance of her, of all the time we spent at her estate and the memories we shared with her over the years.

Today is the last day of May! Therefore bright sunny June days are what I can look forward to. Hopefully we will have pleasant temperatures and copious amounts of sunshine, enough to wear short sleeves and shorts. I have an intense gardening itch that needs to be scratched! In two weeks school is out and I’ll spend every morning working in my vegetable plot and grooming the lovely window boxes.

As we wrap up the month of May let’s remember to show kindness and patience to people who cross our path. Yesterday in SuperWalmart I approached my cashier as I always do, with a wide smile and I spoke kind words. She laid over her register with a painful stance. I guess my positive presence tired her since she said something curt about me being happy. I don’t know her story but I wish I did. I went home thinking of how sad that was, that a cheerful person weighed on her. Then I did all I could do, I prayed for her. This morning I thought of her again. Perhaps she is sick but has to work or her home life is unpleasant. Whatever it is, I do hope eventually a cheerful and positive person will lift her up. ❤️🙏

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

8 thoughts on “Window Box Glory

  1. yay for pretty flower time! and you did the right thing with the cashier – it may have a delayed positive effect on her 🙂 keep on smiling and being happy and kind!

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