When Your Mind Won’t Stop!

Thanks to Leon Brown from The Mind’s Journal

Do you have those tiring seasons when your life is a host of commitments or happenings that interweave with each other? Right now, in early June, I’m experiencing a hectic life schedule of work, commitments and plans that allow me no time to rest. It’s during these fast times that my body is physically exhausted and my mind mush. I need slow and quiet moments to rest my mind and thoughts. Otherwise it gets tired and I overthink EVERYTHING!

Lately my mind won’t stop overthinking! Whatever I’m doing it’s flooded with egocentric comments or judgements. I know why this happens…caused by an overtired body and mind. During these crazy periods my dreams increase and always involve conflict, school or close relationships that I am in.

My great intention is to carve out valuable down time to rest my haywire brain. I’m reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz once again, in order to recreate a peaceful flow in my life. Every day I pray for peace and strength to clear and clean up my thoughts.

Some ideas that I use to clear my thoughts are:

  • Sit at a table with a candle
  • Read a light hearted book in a relaxing chair
  • Embark on a special walk, engage all the senses! What do I hear? See? Smell?
  • Stop thinking about what others say or do, let it all go
  • Get plenty of sleep at night
  • Take mini naps when needed
  • Don’t listen to your mind’s senseless garbage

The other night was unusual…my racing mind kept me up for hours. I went to bed exhausted at 9 pm and didn’t get to sleep until midnight. Tossing and turning within the sheets ( poor Tom), I couldn’t clear or delete my thoughts. I said a prayer for help as I really needed sleep to be able to go to school the next day and actually function at my job! I pranced downstairs for a drink, glanced out the window at the peaceful glittery stars and went to bed. Finally that was it, I was carried away in the light sleep state.( I know this from my Fitbit!)

What do you do to erase negative mind chatter?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 😴

10 thoughts on “When Your Mind Won’t Stop!

  1. June and December are always way too busy. Basically I Bang my head against the wall and it tends to keep,down the white noise running through my brain….nah…I just make sure I’m really organized and schedule in down time when I can

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