Around the Yard

My window color scheme

A foggy mist hovered over our yard this morning. As I waited for the early sun to peek behind the puffy clouds, my I-Pad photos reminded me of how blessed I am with our beautiful yard. I feel every corner speaks to us in an enchanting whisper. There’s no place that I’d rather be in the summer!

I’m waiting anxiously for my Stargazer Lily to bloom!

With summer warming up and days becoming longer, I take afternoon and early strolls around the yard to see my flowers and plants progress. I think my mother- in- law told me that she used to do that.

This spring has been pretty cold and rainy until now. My purple Coneflowers are not doing well. All I see are green leaves and they’re much shorter and skimpier than last year. The flowers are nowhere in sight! I’m hoping Miracle Gro will energize them but maybe the damage has been done. There were probably too many frigid nights and wet days for them. Any suggestions?

I don’t know the name of this perennial patch but I love them! One is blossomed which means the patch will be purple soon enough. It’s a lovely addition to our yard and the humming birds love them!

I’m waiting for my Coreopsis to bloom teeny yellow flowers that brighten up my front yard. Shown here is my latest of my dad’s wood projects, the deer planter. Inside it is Johnny Jump ups that I got free from a Landaff resident. One day Tom and I were riding around and found all these pots of flowers labeled free. I passed on the tip to my daughter- in- law leading her to stop by and take a few plants gratefully.

So there it is…our little yard with annuals thriving and perennials on their way. Soon they’ll bloom and I’ll post their progress.

I hope you all are having a great week!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

6 thoughts on “Around the Yard

  1. Your yard looks lovely Mary. Coneflowers do not like wet feet just as lavender. My lavender was planted in a raised stone bed to help with drainage. Too much cold is never good for any plant but coneflowers are winter hardy. Looks like it is getting enough sun 🙂


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