You’ve Always Been Beautiful!

My sister and I many years ago. ❤️

We are born beautiful

Swaddled in pure innocence

With God’s love

As we grow and face the



little girls aren’t taught

to love themselves

that they are enough

that they are precious

in every way

Now as a grown adult

I’m learning that I am

beautiful and maybe I don’t

need to always hear it from a

person other than myself

That’s the hardest lesson

when all your life you depended on

those heavy words, “ I love you”

“ You are beautiful”

“ You are enough”

The ultimate goal is to achieve this

from loving yourself

For believing in yourself

and your beauty

inside and out.

I hope that all you women out there love yourself and believe in all that you can be! Once you truly feel this, an aura of confidence surrounds you. Then it’s possible to love another.

All My Best,

Mary 😘

4 thoughts on “You’ve Always Been Beautiful!

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Go Mary. ❤ I love this and so acknowledge you for going inside for self-love. And, I celebrate you and all of your experiences as gifts of learning to get you to where you are now. It's not always easy, is it Mary? A big hug and wonderful post.

    Is it ok if I include this as a part of my Forgiving Fridays post in August?? Let me know.

    Bless you Mary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! It’s definitely a difficult journey but I feel that I’m close to ending it for good! Of course you can include this, as a matter of fact I would be honored! Let me know what I have to do! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!❤️❤️❤️🥰


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