Several Generations of Gardeners

This years garden in July 2019

I have sat down three different times to write this post and each time I was almost done and it got erased! It’s frustrating because I was satisfied with it yet now I begin again once more. Hopefully the last time. Has that ever happened to you?



As a young child I didn’t give a hoot about gardens. I remember being around the age of 10 and my dad proudly tried to show me his garden at our Haverhill, NH house. The plot sat in the back of our yard bordering blackberry bushes. Dad tried to put on a tour of all his vegetables and coldly and uninterested I ran away to play. Oh how I regret that with my every being! If I could turn back time I’d listen to soak in the moments as he went through his garden. But I can’t and that’s that.

Now as a mature adult, I’m a gardener like my dad. I guess it all came full circle! It took me half a lifetime to appreciate a gardens peaceful presence and it’s magical qualities. It all started with my paternal grandfather ( actually my maternal grandparents gardened too), progressed to my father and now I continue the tradition. My sister has a vegetable garden too.

Years ago Tom tilled and tended a huge garden for his employer, Mrs. Geneen. He didn’t enjoy it though, for it was his job. I didn’t have anything to do with it until one day I was strolling through the rows of growing green plants. Suddenly an interest sparked within me and from that day on I have tended our gardens. We maintained a garden at the farm for about twenty years and about five here, on our land.

The enormous garden at the farm

It’s more than a hobby, but as a profound passion  of connecting with the earth and growing and nursing vegetables for our family. Digging in the soil of the plot makes me feel alive! It’s calming as I stoop and pull weeds, check the leaves for growth or hoe the narrow rows of dirt. It’s my therapy in life, a special sanctuary to be still or to move among the plants. Sometimes I twist and turn, other times I rest and weed. Whatever I do in the garden, it’s sacred.

Tom and I at our own garden one of the first years

 As I wrap up this post, I wish to thank my dad for all his gardening advice and for our phone conversations that are focused on gardening. It’s these moments that mean very much to me, times of connections that have strengthened our relationship. Maybe he’ll see this and maybe he won’t and that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that this hobby has brought us a little closer. I’m grateful for that.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

14 thoughts on “Several Generations of Gardeners

  1. Our gardening efforts tend to fall short of our hopes — except for our blackberry bushes. I smiled when I came to your mention of blackberry bushes. We’ve been picking and eating fresh blackberries for the past week. They are so tasty! Other than that… well, I remarked to my husband that it’s a good thing we don’t have to rely on our garden to feed us. We have limited space, and poor soil. I do have tomatoes and peppers growing in big pots, as well as green beans a grandson planted with us. Right now I have 1 nice pepper, and 5 tomatoes in various stages of growth. Usually I have a lot of herbs growing on the porch. Nothing like having fresh herbs for cooking (I have a passion for cooking.) This year, though, I only have chives and the mint we couldn’t get rid of it we tried. We have tried in the past, but we’ve given up and just focus on keeping it trimmed back. I would love to have a big garden, but I know it would be difficult to find the time required to make it productive.

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    1. Good morning Judith, poor soil does make gardening a challenge. It sounds like you do well with your pots! Yes, a garden takes lots of work…one if the reasons why I don’t pick up a summer job once school is out. I’m out there mostly everyday unless it pours.😁

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      1. Once my husband retires, we’ll probably do more gardening. I love having fresh vegetables and berries. Herbs, too. I’m happy with what little we get from. At least we’ll have additions for a few salads. And quite a few beans, judging from how they’re looking.

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      2. We will! Plus it’s so much fun to make memories snapping beans with grandkids, just like I snapped beans with my grandfather and my great aunt. Kids today don’t always get the chance to snap beans. That’s a tradition we think is important to carry on. 🙂

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  2. Your garden is looking good Mary. Fun to have so many different veggies. I learned to love gardening as a child from my grandparents on my Dad’s side. Then when Gene and I bought 75 acres my interest really took off – became an Advanced Organic Master Gardener and you name it and I tried to grow it! I look forward to watching your garden grow… 🙂

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    1. Good morning Judi, gardening is your thing then! I’ve seen a picture of that garden…it was huge! I look forward to it’s growth too and I’ll share pictures as it happens.💕


  3. I love gardening too! As a kid our house was on a third of an acre and my parents gave me free rein so I had a rose garden, berry patch, vegetable garden, rodo and azalea plot, everything! It was a big adjustment to only having a balcony now

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