A Summer Breakfast

Good morning friends! Summer mornings are my favorite times to relax with a great cup of coffee! ( Soon our new deck will be done and I’ll be sitting out there with it, see a future post.) I’ve been using almond milk lately, the trick to optimum flavor is to add a bit extra. I found that lactose free milk still wasn’t agreeing with me as it’s dairy. Along with my cup of java I enjoy a fresh fruit cup of raspberries, blueberries, bananas, golden raisins and almonds. I never would have thought this would fill me up…but it does and not only that it’s fresh and delicious!

Other summer mornings I indulge in my peanut butter oatmeal cup, banana slices and Teddie natural peanut butter or gluten free toast with peanut butter.

While I eat in the still moments of morning, birds calls and chirps can be heard. The bright welcoming sun peeks in the windows…a new day has began! Thank God for this quiet start to a new day!

What is your favorite summer breakfast? Do you enjoy a cup of coffee first thing?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

6 thoughts on “A Summer Breakfast

  1. Such a pretty post of what life is supposed to be, quiet moments taking it all in.

    Seems like all I do is mow and weed but yesterday what a treat as cool air usher in and I sat and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    Your breakfast is perfect and all that fiber but yes 2 cups of coffee for me each day on in mornings when I wake and while it brews I walk outside barefoot to check on things and toss some mixed goodies on the ground for my feathered and furry visitors. Then go bad in rid the computer of all that is unnecessary and the 2nd cup is spent watching wildlife then I am ready to handle the real world. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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    1. Good morning Eunice, yes I like two cups of coffee in the morning as well.It sounds like your summer mornings are similar to mine. I drink my coffee first, then breakfast, next hit the garden outside. Thank you for stopping by! You have a lovely Sunday too!❤️🌈

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