Netflix Binging Recommendation

Recently someone recommended Outlander, a mini- series on Netflix. I started watching one afternoon while Tom was hunting. It took just a few scant minutes to become hooked…I absorbed the beautiful scenery, the costumes from the 19th century and a refreshing air of adventure drew me in. It starts out slow and sets the scene for the story. Hang in through the first few episodes. Picture a married British combat nurse during the post World War 2 era. All I say ( without giving too much away ) is that she goes to an ancient site where she slips back in time to the age of 1743. There her life takes a swift turn in the Scottish Highlands with the McKenzie clan. It’s riveting, exciting, has sexy scenes and more!

Watch Outlander and try not to get hooked! I can’t wait to turn Netflix on now…to fill up on the scenery and adventure! It’s simply wonderful and a vacation back from your armchair!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

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