November Days

I’ve associated November with the color brown and Thanksgiving in the past. This month our yard in New Hampshire usually is a faded dull green that turns to a light brown. Roadside vegetation is a rich brown as well as surrounding bushes. I start planning the holiday feast, the table decor and guests pretty early. I’m sitting by our toasty fire with a hot cup of coffee in hand while dreaming of the 27th.

Halloween decorations and pumpkins are returned to the dusty storage shelf. It’s a lot of fun listening to Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald as I pull out turkeys, my pilgrims, cornucopia and gourds. I usually browse through my tablecloths, planning what we will use for Thanksgiving.

As a I finish this post I have to update you. Now our yard is a sea of glistening white and opaque. Snow and ice frosts the mailbox, the tree branches and pumpkins sitting on the stoop. Similar to last mid November a bus snowstorm hit yesterday and the night before. After all is said and done we got about 8 inches of the fluffy stuff.

Yesterday was a snow day from school. I watched movies, did a load of laundry and rested as I’m still experiencing bladder issues. Hopefully a cancellation will arise soon soI can get some medical help.

Blessings to you all as you go about your day.

All My Best,