Spending More Time With Family & Friends

Okay let’s be honest here! How many of you truly keep your New Year’s resolution and honor it throughout the whole year? I’ve never kept my intention, not from not caring about it but life gets busy with work and commitments and it gets pushed to the wayside. With that….it’s lost and forgotten replaced with to do lists, bills to pay, etc.

My interest in setting a new year goal for 2020 was sparked by my daughter- in-law Lexy. She shared that she and her best friend were getting together to set New Years goals. I liked the idea of sharing with a friend for accountability sake but it can also turn into a fascinating conversation. Sharing your positive intentions for the new year opens up channels of new ideas and thoughts fostered through friendship. I have always kept my resolutions private and perhaps that’s why I’ve failed at them. Maybe I’ll start shouting from the rooftops of my goal, with a true desire to reach it.

This year I honestly intend to spend more time with friends and family, especially since I’m feeling better. I may go to lunch more often, make a few more phone calls, write quick sweet notes and send them in the mail. I want to see my mom and dad more, making the trips to their homes. I’m blessed to still have them and their spouses alive, in their seventies and early eighties. They mean the world to me and I want them to know how fortunate and happy I feel to have them.

When our Florida family comes in the summer I wish to connect through down to earth talks, nice country walks or by lounging on our deck in the sunshine. I want to hear stories of how their life is going down there and have Tom reminisce of old times growing up and of relatives passed but not forgotten.

This year I vow that I’ll try to keep this goal alive and not hidden. I wish to connect more, talk more, laugh more and let my friends and family know how precious they are to me. 2020 will be an amazing year of wonderful possibilities to carry my resolution through. I pray to God for me to carry it through and reach out to people even more than I have!

What’s your New Year’s resolution and what is your strategy for keeping it alive and going all year?

All My Best for the new year,


14 thoughts on “Spending More Time With Family & Friends

  1. Oh, Mary, how beautiful and courageous of you to share your intentions!! Sending you Light every step of the way. One of the great keys that my spiritual mentor J-R gave me is a reminder to hold positive images to create more of what I want. I see you spending time with family and friends this year, and if you want to, you may set a time in your schedule to envision success on a consistent basis. Hope you don’t mind the coaching 🙂 🙂

    The picture of you and your mom is really beautiful, Mary. God bless her and your Dad. And YOU.


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    1. Hi Debbie, no I don’t mind the coaching. My sister in law Bev says to write your intention down and focus on it. Kind of the same thing. So far I’ve been sick with a nasty virus this month so my intention has fallen to the wayside but when I’m 100 % better I’ll focus on it again. Thank you for your blessings. The photo of the red haired lady is my mom and my stepdad Gary. He’s been very sick with COPD. The photo of me with the woman in the armchair is of my mother in law Theo. I hope all is well with you as we enter a new and promising year! With Love, Mary

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      1. So much love and Light to you Mary, and to your stepdad. Sorry to hear he’s been unwell. Remember, reaching out for support is key to fulfilling your dreams––however you decide to do that, I encourage you to! You are worth it, Mary.

        With loving,
        Debbie xxoo

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