Most Days

A little thought for this morning. Bless you all.😘❤️


Most days I breathe with positive intentions

and think optimistically …

IMG_1226 I have a few books from Norman Vincent Peale about positive thinking. This picture was taken from

Most days I feel peace in my heart

and want others to feel it just as deep

I am quiet but loud

quiet in reflection but loud in thoughts

Most days I long for affection in small ways

A hug, a held hand or a warm friendly smile

Most days I love with acceptance and unconditionally

 I hear people out and sympathize

Most days I love life and it’s simple offerings

 I mostly see subtle signs of tranquility 

 I give my very best

whatever it is…

because that’s how I want to be,


My friends…what are you, most days? Are you happy, content with this life?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul >3

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3 thoughts on “Most Days

  1. I am happy most days walking around the very large rose garden in our park. we are allowed in only between six and eight in the morning which is magical since the sunlight is just perfect for photography since Hyderabad is a very hot city. also walk around the tiny lanes around to greet the too many stray cats! we found a home for one ginger and white kitten. But mostly we try to feed them. Then cooking, reading, writing, and Netflix keeps me occupied. recently started a green house above on the roof of our building. it is filling up with plants of all kinds bought from local nurseries. bought a few plants from Amazon but found that the nurseries around have larger, fresher and much cheaper plants! so am planning to write about them. Yes we can be happy with so much that is given to us!

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    1. How come you can’t go in the park at other times? Because it’s hot? It sounds like you have wonderful hobbies to do. The stray cat situation is sad but I’ve heard many foreign countries have this problem. We have lots of cats and dogs in humane societies and shelters waiting for families to adopt them. Many people here adopt or rescue them.😎🌈


      1. the six to eight timing for the roses is because it is near a Government official building perhaps so they want peace and quiet. But it suits me because the sun is best in that time for photographing. by eight it becomes very hot. Plus there is the peace of being around quiet, happy, peace loving people.


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