About this blog


I’ve always been a writer, it’s flowed through my veins and I have always felt like the struggling artist with every word locked away in secret!  Despite this insecurity, this year I plunged into the unknown and started writing to share with others. It’s been hidden deep inside journals and worn notebooks most of my life, waiting to jump off the page and change my life.




My primary  focus is on family, positive living and living in a small town in rural New Hampshire in the US. You may read motherhood and family stories, both which  mean the world to me. I know there are other mothers and grandmothers out there who share this passion for family and can relate to this.


I enjoy writing about small moments that bring simple joy to my life. One day I spotted a baby fawn wobbly crossing the road behind our pond and another a red fox hunted just a few yards from our home.  I value the peace these special times give and hope to share them with you all.



Thank you for stopping by! I’m thrilled that you want to hear stories from my heart and soul! With all my heart, I hope YOU are living the life you want, in a positive way. God Bless you all!





All My Best,

Mary aka Heart and Soul ❤️

4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I loved your post on the road trip to Syracuse and could not comment as there were no post comment dots below it. I could imagine those red barns you wrote about! They sometimes appear in American movies! so glad you made it through safe and well!

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