Welcome, Autumn!

The first few weeks of autumn in our little state actually felt like long-lost summer days, hot and steamy like Florida. Summer hung on as Mother Nature  didn’t get the memo to transition into cooling autumn. Muggy days with temperatures in the 80’s hung thick over us, making our clothes stick to our skin. Many days when I hit the pavement, sweat poured from every pore and even though I welcome summer weather, I truly set my hopes for fall.




Finally weeks later it feels that fall has rushed in with a swoop of cool air accompanied with sunny and pleasant days. Most nights we have to close our windows , as the air cools right down in the 40’s and 50’s. My favorite part of the evening is when Tom lights our trusty stove. The mesmerizing scent of smoke wafts in the livingroom and the crisp smell of burned wood reminds me of my childhood years of fireplace and stove fires. Orange licks of flames shine through the stove window and I thank God that we have heat and can be cozy and warm because of it. Our cats appreciate the comfort of the hearth and soak in the heat, as their tails flick back and forth.


Our neighborhood during autumn.






Like many New Hampshire residents, I welcome autumn days. There’s something  exceptional about mustard golds, pinks, reds, and peach leaves hanging on the trees and falling with gentle breezes. The mountainous landscape becomes a natural canvas for all to gawk at and feel the immediate tranquility. Warm yet mild days give way to apple picking, pumpkin searching, football games and gathering up leaves for the jump in contest. Plummets of fall smoke fills the air, brush fires, bon fires, wood stoves crank up the heat while little critters prepare for the coming days of winter. The cool night air feels like luxury to your skin, kissing you with pleasant tingles.




It seems that the colors emerged earlier this year, sometime in early September. I enjoyed them but visioned immense foliage displays this month. I believe the hot days have lessened the pop and without those cold temperatures, I noticed the colors were muted and less this year. As we are immersed in late October, foliage has passed on. Despite this truth, the piles of beautiful leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows perched on porches remind me that autumn is here, my favorite time of the year!




Wherever you may be, notice the significant changes of season. Maybe you didn’t have foliage where you are…perhaps it’s a subtle change of temperature or lessening of the tourist deluge. A new season is a perfect time to indulge in your local foods and products. Here in the north country, apple cider is available as well as glowing orange pumpkins in farmer’s fields. Crafters set up at local fall sales as visions of upcoming holidays dance in our thoughts.




Embrace a new chapter in this change of season. This shift in time truly is a gift to cherish, a subtle reminder that there’s a time and place for everything. This can be your time to explore. Why not visit a new local venue or hike a trail you always have meant to? Whatever you decide to do, live in the moment and use your senses to indulge. What do you see with beckoning eyes and not a cell phone picture? What pleasant scents  appeal to you? Do you hear noises that become peaceful memories? How about touch…do you feel the rough bark of a nearby tree or the bumpy pumpkin skins on display? If you focus on the experience with your senses, it will be a warm memory to hold on to.



Happy Autumn days to all! What are your favorite fall moments?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️











3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge

This is day two of the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge and I want to focus on Gratitude. Much of my adult life I’ve reflected on being thankful for my life. I didn’t always feel this way,as my childhood and teen years were rocky and I was unsure of many things, therefore I was not grateful for anything and it wasn’t until I was a grown adult did I realize how gratitude is extremely vital in life!


Gratitude is thanking each and every valuable person in your life, appreciating the many gifts they’ve given you such as friendship, kindness, patience or maybe a second chance. It’s living with the firm notion that you wouldn’t be the person you are without them and their qualities.


It’s the appreciation of small meaningful moments, such as viewing a stunning sunset or watching my sons talking and laughing when they are together. It’s knowing that I’m  so lucky to have a loving husband who makes my coffee every morning. Gratitude is knowing I married into a good strong family and if we needed them, they would have our back.





When you live every breath with gratitude, everything seems amazing. I am grateful for my family, my job and kind co-workers and my home and quiet neighborhood in a small town. Most days I’m  grateful for  a good cup of coffee and quiet morning moments with my husband. The October ambers, reds and golds of leaves on trees and their gathering in askew piles on the ground are on my gratitude list. Cool Autumn air, sweatshirts and snug sweaters, bon-fires, hot chocolate and delicious apple crisp are all things I can’t live without and I’m grateful for them.


Ive been nominated to post for 3 quotes for 3 days challenge by Wheat and Tares at https://thegrizzlegrist.wordpress.com/. I graciously accept the challenge and want to thank her for nominating me! This is new to me but it sounds like fun and I like a challenge. Check out her inspirational blog, which I look forward to reading every week.

The rules for the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge are:

1. Post three quotes for three days
2. Each day nominate three bloggers for challenge ( no repetition))
3. Thank who nominated you
4. Inform the nominees


Today my nominees are:

1.Deborah at The Closet Monster https://deborah-bryan.com/. Deborah writes wonderfully of her life with her family. Her sense of humor and honesty make for an entertaining blog.

2. Ellen at https://happywonderer.com/. Her site is inspirational and filled with sweet posts about her family. She also shares her travel pictures and has a special segment on signs.

3. Aishwarya at https://aishwaryasivakumar.wordpress.com/. Her small moments are described so poignantly that they actually turn into big ones. I enjoy reading her installments and learn a little about India as well.


Live this life with gratitude with every breath,


every small moment( sometimes they mean the most, don’t you think?),


Appreciating others who have blessed you in your life


and thanking God for it all!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️






A Man’s Bonfire

A Man’s Bonfire


There’s something about fires that attract a man’s attention. Most men look forward to winter burning, when they clean up the brush in the yard. They proudly stand in front of the licking orange flames, while the roaring beast lives.

This man waited all summer for this burn. Once snow covered the ground, he was itching to light up the pile. A little enthusiastic pyromaniac wanted to set it ablaze. Comparable to many New England men, he will be satisfied with its flames.

Tom waited until the afternoon faded into dusk, stacking the old wood into a teepee. It was clean up time and a chance to dispose of timber from our torn down shed. A gigantic gnarly tree stump laid in the pile of wood as well.

He said it wouldn’t be easy to burn, as all the wood was wet from snow cover. It took a few minutes to take and gradually it started to crackle and hiss, as gray smoke arose. As the fire grew, people in cars slowly inched by to stare. Popping sparks danced in the air and whistled , flying up and up. Suddenly the sparks extinguished and black soot flakes fell down into the snow. We stood gazing at the glowing mass and heard sizzling within the depths of the fire. As we enjoyed the bonfire, we didn’t mention that it’s source was our old shed. If I had pondered over this, a relief would arise as our shed had seen better days and it was time to demolish it.

Smoke plummeted towards the tallest trees. The bonfire was good and productive. The man slept as soundly as could be that night, as the fire coals lost their glow and smoldered. The visiting deer would stay away, not knowing what this spectacle was.

The next morning this man sipped his coffee, while eyeing the ash pile out the window. After breakfast he gathered his hat and gloves and proudly announced he will burn again. Hours later I watched from my window and noticed his friend, Mike was helping throw the wood in the fire, as Tom worked his rusty chainsaw. He needed to cut the long awkward boards into smaller, manageable pieces for a better burn. I was happy for Tom to have his friend’s help and the company. As they worked they chatted. It looked like they were having a good time.

Once again red hot flames curled up with heavy smoke. As noon approached, I made them a lunch of roast beef cheese melt sandwiches, pasta salad, and chips. We talked about different things, our kids, our houses and heating bills. Then it was time for them to go back out and check the fire.

By early afternoon the fire sizzled with short controlled flames. Mike left for home and Tom thanked him for his help. It had been another great bonfire, beautiful to look at and warm to stand by. In the spring the ashes and soot will be raked up, exposing the grassy ground once more. All that will be left is the memory of the blazing bonfire on the cold winter days of January.

All my Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️