May Days


The sun’s powerful rays

warm and heal

our corner of the world!

Returned birds soar

amid clear blue skies.




A gaggle of geese gingerly trek

across a nearby clearing.

Dancing deer cross roads and flick

their whitetails for all to see.



A flock of eager turkeys

squawk and invade the yard

as the Tom struts with confidence


showing off for

gathering hens.




Our pond beautifully springs to

life once again, sprouting

tranquil yellow


The pond plunges into the brook,

swirling and bubbling,

emitting sounds of peace.




mud caked driveways

and open windows

with an

an inhale of  fresh air!


It’s finally spring in

this neck of woods!

I’m happy that I can start walking again and being outside more

that spring is here.

I feel like I’ve been cooped up for too long

and it’s time for a release in nature and a dose of the earth.

I hope this post finds you all thriving and loving every moment of May! 

All my Best,

Heart and Soul


Woodsy Neighbors in Spring








An early morning presents nature at it’s best,

with my cup of coffee and quiet moments.

Frosty air and clear skies welcome wild


Proud and skittish deer skirt the woods edge.

I notice that something lures them closer to the road.

It’s salt that the plow trucks scattered and

they lick it cautiously and look up now and then.

A gray squirrel performs a trapeze act in the nearest tree.

Mysterious tracks were left in the

depths of night.

A fox, perhaps?



Hilarious turkey theatrics

amuse as the Tom fans his goods

and courts all the surrounding hens.

Chickadee birds flutter and tweet, a song dear to my heart.

All the woodsy neighbors politely co- existing,

share the space with respect

and love for our home.

Upon watching these creatures’ presence

I am simply amazed!

With this week’s sporadic rain showers

and a dampness in the air,

snow piles are shrinking and brown grass

becomes uncovered.

Waiting for heavenly rich green grasses,  

this morn I spied my first robin

on the lawn!

A sure sign of spring!


What spring signs are you seeing now?


All My Best,


Heart and Soul






A Fox in the Morning

An early Saturday morn brings a vibrant sunshine sparkling the blanket of snow. It is late February, just weeks away from spring and possibly a long anticipated melt. An unexpected visitor saunters down the neighboring hill carrying a hunting vision with him.

This fascinating wild animal stares right at us, as I snap a photo of him. I whisper for precious permission to invade his privacy for a second. I try to keep the camera steady as I watch his intense beauty and wonder if his den is nearby.


He hosts a full orange brownish coat and a bristly thick tail that trails behind him. His muzzle is pointed and slender, yet his frame resembles a stalking cat from the distance.

His name is fox.

Sly Fox spies something in the snow, a mouse perhaps. Quietly with a purpose of surviving, he peers without movement.


Minutes pass by as stillness envelopes the fox. A loud barraging truck lumbers down the road, just a few feet shy of this beautiful creature. He runs into the woods desperately and the moments have passed.

We will watch now and then, eager for a peek of the neighborhood newcomer.

Hurry back, little fella.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️